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Writers’ Guidelines April 29, 2010

Life Without Baby welcomes submissions from guest bloggers.

Please take a look at past posts to get a feel for the tone and style of the site. We are interested in pieces that examine the issues of living childfree, whether by choice, chance or circumstance. We are looking for news, opinions, observations, and self-help pieces. While pieces should have a personal experience point-of-view, we are not looking for “My Story”-type pieces. Whiny Wednesday is also up for grabs. These posts are short gripes about the injustices of the child free life, and a call for other readers to join in and complain. They’re done in the spirit of good humor.

Please keep posts succinct and upbeat. Aim for 250 to 600 words for regular posts and 200 to 400 words for Whiny Wednesdays.

At this time we cannot offer monetary compensation for guest bloggers, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

Please send posts via email to: editor [at] lifewithoutbaby [dot] com or use the contact form below. Also include a brief two sentence bio to go along with your post.

Thank you for being a part of our community.