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Whiny Wednesday – Christmas Shopping December 19, 2012

Last weekend I realized I couldn’t put off my Christmas shopping any longer (especially as many gifts need to be sent overseas,) so off I ventured to my local shopping street.

On a quest for a gift for a friend, I found about a dozen things I’d like for myself, and absolutely nothing for her. Three shops later and I was still drawing a blank. Finally, knowing I had to get something, I pieced together some silly items I thought she might enjoy.

Then, in the very next shop, I saw the gift I was really looking for. I bought that too and will just have to find suitable recipients for the other gifts.

So, here’s what I’d really like to do this year: I’d like to send everyone on my gift list a card explaining that their gift will arrive sometime in the next year. Then, as I’m going about my business and I see the perfect gift, I can buy it and send it, knowing it will be appreciated. Doesn’t that seem like a much better idea and more in the spirit of giving than combing the stores for any vaguely suitable gift?

It’s Whiny Wednesday, and I’m managing to keep my Christmas spirit generally up. How about you?


5 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday – Christmas Shopping”

  1. Kate B Says:

    I’m having a tough time keeping my Christmas spirit up. I grew up in the next town over from Newtown, CT and I used to work for the Town of Newtown. It has been so very hard. I haven’t been able to listen to Christmas music since Friday. It’s getting better day by day, but it is hard.

    • paula111 Says:

      I’m in Canada but it has still affected us quite a bit. Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes. Take good care of yourself. Listen to music that soothes your heart.

  2. Mali Says:

    I actually do that during the year. So if I see something I think is perfect, I buy it, whether it is June, or the week before Christmas. Though I’m not systematic, so here I am still trying to figure out what to get my niece for her combined 21st birthday/graduation/Christmas present. And I have been known to buy the perfect Christmas present for someone during the middle of the year, put it away, then forget about it and buy something else (that is never as good!). In other words, I feel your pain. Good luck with the shopping.

  3. paula111 Says:

    I see lots of shlock that my MIL would like. I hate wasting money on schlock and she refuses to accept gift cards.

  4. Jenn Says:

    I try to keep my eyes open for gift ideas throughout the year and if I see something that’s perfect I buy it and put it aside for the persons bday or Christmas.

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