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Whiny Wednesday December 21, 2011

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Ho, ho ho!

Are you having festive fun or are you in holiday H-E-double-hockey-sticks? Hopefully you’re tossing another log on the fire, spiking your eggnog, and settling in for a cozy holiday. If not, now’s your last chance of the year to get it all off your chest.

Happy Whiny Wednesday, one and all!


Whiny Wednesday October 13, 2010

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I probably should have let my husband write this post as he’d tell it more honestly than me, and he might also garner a little sympathy, but he’s not available so I’m writing it myself. The fact is, I’m grumpy. I’m shirty, short-tempered, intolerant, cranky, and apparently I am in the habit of biting off people’s heads. There’s a reason for all this I suppose, but writing it makes it sound like nonsense. Still, for the sake of honesty, I’ll tell you.

I have my Mum in town for 6 weeks. I love having her here. She comes every year. I know how this works. I want to spend as much time as possible with her while she’s here and my schedule is flexible (plus I don’t have children), so I can. This doesn’t, however mean that I can take a six-week vacation! And this is where my grumpiness comes from. I need to work, I want to work, I want to spend time with Mum, so the work gets pushed aside and then I get stressed when I realize I haven’t done anything and I have a deadline (like this blog that I committed to posting on daily) and then I get grumpy when things don’t get done.

I know, poor me, and yes, I know I makes no sense, but it is Whiny Wednesday so I thought I’d take advantage and get it off my chest.