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The Sisterhood of the Childless Women July 23, 2010

This story is a couple of years old, but to be honest, two years ago I wasn’t looking for stories about not having children. Funny old thing, life.

What I love about this story is the raw honesty of this woman’s observations. She was married to man who decided he did not want children, and yet I don’t sense bitterness in her story. She talks very frankly about the friends she lost to children, not because they disagreed and parted ways, but because they suddenly had nothing in common. She says:

“I understood their joy but they never made an effort to understand my sorrow.”

Oh! I want to make a cup of tea for this woman and sit down to talk with her. I wish I could have told her back then that she wasn’t alone.

I feel very fortunate that my friends did make an effort to understand my sorrow and that I haven’t lost my true friends just because I am not a mother. And I feel fortunate to have found a sisterhood of women through this website.  I truly hope Anca has found her sisterhood.