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7 Billion? Don’t Blame Me November 2, 2011

As we welcomed the seven-billionth human being into the world this week, I’m overcome with a low-rumbling sense of doom. Let’s face it, we’re really making a hash of taking care of our little planet and one of these days, the poor overtaxed thing is going to get severe heart burn and burb the human race into oblivion. It probably won’t be in my lifetime, and because I have none, it won’t affect my children and their descendants either. I’m trying to muster up some smugness in that thought, but I’m afraid it just won’t come. My only consolation knowing that the other creatures will be better off without us.


It’s Whiny Wednesday. I’m crawling back under my little cloud of doom for the day, but feel free to vent about the issues that are under your skin today.


Whiny Wednesday: Opinions are like [fill in the blank] May 25, 2011

It’s Whiny Wednesday again, but I must admit, I’ve been feeling pretty chipper lately, and not especially whiny. I’m calling that a good thing.

If you’ve not been quite so perky lately, feel free to let it all out here. And if you’ve been just too cheery and need something to whine about, here’s an article from the Colorado Springs Gazette that came across my radar this week.

We Must Produce or Import Children: Freedom from kids will make us poor.

Now, I’ll admit that the article is almost too ludicrous to post. The author’s claim is that America’s declining birthrate will have an ill effect on our economy. He says:

“The dangers of population decline are quite simple. We cannot sustain the economy, and the general welfare of humanity, when old, non-working Americans — dependent on pensions and government subsidies — outnumber people of working age. A minority cannot provide adequately for a majority, any more than a pyramid can balance upside-down.”

His argument is that more people need to reproduce in order to support retirees. He seems to have overlooked the fact that all these new people will eventually age and need supporting too, and that we will also need to feed, house, and provide services for this booming population.

Ah well, the beautiful thing about the Internet is that everyone’s opinion is welcome. Sigh.