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It Got Me Thinking…About Keepsakes September 27, 2010

Robin started a lively discussion on our site about “What do you do with hand-me-downs?” And it got me thinking…about the boxes of stuff in my basement.

My mom lost all of her scrapbooks, yearbooks, and even her wedding album in a flood three years before I was born. On any given milestone event, Mom would get misty-eyed and wish she could share her precious mementos with me and my siblings. And so, I became a diligent chronicler of all things scrap: programs, cards, certificates, studio portraits, snapshots. Someday, I knew, I’d want to share all of these with my daughter.

Well, I’m not going to have a daughter. And now all those carefully assembled keepsakes mock and taunt me. Should I throw them out? Burn them? Wait until they’ve rotted in mildew and let someone else haul them away when I’m dead?

What will you do with your treasures, your family heirlooms, your precious hand-me-downs?

I hope you’ll join our discussion.

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