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Whiny Wednesday: Frustration February 1, 2012

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Whine #1: Is it really February already? Good grief, this year is going to fly by.

Whine #2: Between Christmas and New Year I sprained my ankle. I was out running my favorite trail (with my mother) and fantasizing about the two half marathons I planned to run later this year. I caught my foot on the edge a stone, twisted my ankle, and hit the ground like an elephant on a banana peel.

After a week on crutches and more than month of rest and TLC, it still hurts, it’s still lumpy, and I still can’t run on it. I’m so frustrated and so ready to get back out there and exercise, but all I can do is go for gentle, leisurely walks.

I want my foot back and I want it now!

It’s Whiny Wednesday. I’ve had two whines today. Feel free to have as many as you need.