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Whiny Wednesday: Bad News October 17, 2012

My friend called this week with “bad news.” I braced myself because this has been a week of one piece of bad news after another. It seems that every time the phone rings or I get an email from a friend it bears news of major illness, death, or financial disaster.

Fortunately, my friend’s bad news was only that she had to stand me up for a concert date we’ve had planned for six months. Any other week, I would have been aggravated, possibly devastated (it was an Adam Ant concert, after all), but if there’s any good news come from this week, it’s that all the bad news has taught me perspective.

Thankfully, it’s Whiny Wednesday. What’s your whine this week?


14 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Bad News”

  1. Maria Says:

    It’s no so much as a whine but an update. My 44 year old friend who got pregnant with the donor egg had her baby this week. I am surprised that I am really ok. After all the emotions leading up to it and rethinking my own choices, when I saw the baby my first reaction was I am so glad I didn’t pursue that option. It created an opportunity for my husband and I to talk about it and he said the exact same thing. Maybe going through hell on my own has given me this new perspective. I don’t know exactly why but I’m glad to be where I am right now. Thank you for listening.

    • Binky Says:

      No bad news this week, just bad weather. Oh well. It’s that time of year. I’m trying to shoo-away negative emotions over things I can’t control. It’s been about two weeks and I’m feeling better. Love your blos.

  2. loidid Says:

    Another pregnancy announcement at work this week (a third kid & a surprise). Thankfully I was halfway expecting it and was not taken off balance.

  3. Angela Says:

    I am frustrated with my lack of sex drive. It kindof comes and goes, but it mostly seems gone lately. Also family issues – my brother is a drug addict and my parents can’t seem to stop babying him and supporting him, he’s 30, has a wife and three kids that he’s separated from, and they STILL apparently think that “helping” him is going to make him a better person. My parents said they don’t have peace about cutting him off. WFT?? Yet the DO have peace about continuting to support his dope fiend lifestyle??? They’re all insane. I’m this close to cutting them ALL off and refusing to participate in their co-dependent insanity. And my mom had the nerve to call me and my husband alcoholics. We’re not, by any strech of the definition of alcoholism, and we have productive, healthy lives to show for it. That’s what I get from my family for being a responsible person with a college degree and a job at NASA. Not to mention that HE’S the one that gets to have kids, and then screw up their lives. I’m going to try and encourage them to do teh right thing, and then be done with all of ’em. If they love dope fiends, they can have him and not me.

    • Maria Says:

      I’m 46 and having the same issues with my sex drive. It is frustrating. To make matters worse, my husband found out he has 75% reduction in testosterone and has been taking supplements which is making his drive spike. It’s no fun being so out of balance. And my nephew has a serious drug problem too. Watching his parents live in denial and enable him is very frustrating but at least he does not have children.

      • Angela Says:

        No kiddng about being out of balance! My husband’s libido hasn’t waned at all, and I guess I should be happy that he still wants me, but we’re completely unmatched now and it’s just another thing that I feel like a failure at. And it’s not just that my brother is an addict, he’s also a complete asshole, so I can’t even be around him anymore. So family dinners are out and I don’t know what I’ll do about Thanksgiving. We’ve decided to probably go on a cruise over Christmas if we can possible swing it! My parents will be mad and try to give me a guilt trip, but I’ll just tell them to enjoy their drug addict asshole son since he’s the one that they feel needs all the attention and help.

      • Maria Says:

        I am happy my husband still wants me but I know how you feel.

        You should make plans for the holidays to avoid your brother. Last year, I hosted Christmas and my sister found out on Christmas Eve that her son stole all of her jewelry and sold it for drugs, then brought him to my house Christmas day so everyone in the room was angry at him. My nephew looked beat up (by his father) and followed me around all day like a lost soul. It was such a weird day and so hard to deal with.

      • IrisD Says:

        We’re also in a rut. Both of us!! :(( And Maria, those herbs you recommended are not in stock. I was told to wait 3 months… Did you find they really helped??

      • Maria Says:

        I think it was a different Maria but if there are herbs out there, tell me, I would try them too!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Every day in the break room, all my co-workers talk about is their kids. I’ve been asked every day this week if I had kids (twice by the same person). I was venting my frustration to my husband and he told me to just get over it. Really feeling like no one I know understands.

  5. Kt Says:

    My sister is/has been pregnant. My mom use to work in the nursing home where my Grandma is…my mom and dad visit there almost everyday and must boast about their pregnant daughter.

    Every time I go to see my Grandma in the nursing home, I get a – “…you don’t look pregnant…” comment. HMMM…no I am not pregnant. And geez mom and dad…you do have another daughter.


  6. Angela Says:

    Iris, I had actually posted about the herbs! How ironic, lol…They were working when I was actually taking them, but yeah now I’m out and have to wait till they’re back in stock. Some of the problem is in my head, I think, but the herbs were working!

  7. Late whine alert… Just finished watching Once Upon A Time on my DVR and the episode just set me off. It was all about (and this isn’t really a spoiler) how Snow White is poisoned and the poison makes her infertile. And how the evil doer is all “Never having children is a fate worse than death”. I kept on thinking “really? is this the message you want to be sending out.” I barely tolerate this (in my opinion) sub par show, but now i think I may have to be done with it.

  8. Hat Says:

    Watching and I have noticed a new disney commercial… encouraging couples to visit the theme park Now before kids….. with words like:
    “dinner with no kids…. yet”
    and “Dont wait to make memories”

    the Message to me is clear.. if you dont have kids… its a YET thing. you will soon. PFFFFt

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