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Whiny Wednesday: Biological Words with Friends October 10, 2012

In one of those “laughing through the tears” moments this week, I was absolutely thrilled when my letters on Words With Friends magically formed the word “OOCYTE.”

Only after I’d tapped in the letters and scored an admirable 22 points, did I think, “Oocyte? Now, what does that mean again?”

I looked it up and was reminded, that, of course, an oocyte is an immature ovum before it becomes a mature and (supposedly) fertilizable egg.

Only an infertile or a biology major would bother to store that bit of information.

The good news is, it’s Whiny Wednesday, so I get to moan about being a walking reproduction encyclopedia. What’s your whine today?


14 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Biological Words with Friends”

  1. Kathleen Guthrie Woods Says:

    Onset of period coincides with withdrawal symptoms for eliminating wheat from my diet (long story). Tired, cranky, achy, hungry! Dang!

  2. Klara Says:

    hurtful mammography today 😦

    • IrisD Says:

      😦 I have one scheduled for the beginning of next month. I have to schedule them just post period as my breasts are very sore starting about 10 days before my cycle. I had to have a diagnostic mammogram done once that was quite painful. But, I’m glad you went and got it done. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D!!

  3. loribeth Says:

    Lingering cold… and I’m on vacation this week! :p

  4. Hat Says:

    My sister in law who adopted her grand child- behind our back when she knew we wanted to adopt it (and she was a mess and lost the kids and now has them back) may end up liviing with us – this opens up so many hurt feelings and “what ifs” that I did not sleep last night. It would possibly also change what house we would be looking to buy as we need to buy a house that has all the amenities on one level for me. I was just trying to get used to living childfree – why do these children and their mother who is clueless as to the pain she caused me want to move in with me?

    • Maria Says:

      I strongly urge you to not allow them to move in. This is totally unfair. Your husband needs to support your feelings on this issue. A good friend of mine told me recently that I sometimes torture myself by putting myself in situations that triggers feelings about my infertility. She encouraged me to set limits with certain people and has cheered me on when I did. Your happiness should be your first priority always — this is your life — let other people deal with the consequences of their actions. If you need me to cheer for you – I’m here.

      • Hat Says:

        Spoke to Driver (my husband) about it. I did not sleep at all wed night. Too much drama that accompanies her. We both agree that its unlikely she would move here, and that we dont want her long term if she does. I explained my fears of her hurting me again, by getting me attached to these kids and then moving far far away again. everytime a friend who has a young one who gets attached to me, they turn out to be NUTS! and then the bond between me and that child is broken.

      • Maria Says:

        Even if she wants to move in with you, say no. And remind her that you were willing to provide a stable home to that child and she prevented it. She can’t have it both ways. Put that behind you and focus your energy on yourself. We are all on this site because we are hurting, trying to come to grips with our situation, and figure out what we are going to do with the rest of your lives. You will figure it out but remain committed to your own happiness first. Best of luck to you. I check this site every day if you want to continue to talk.

        • Hat Says:

          Thanks Maria,
          I’m glad I’ve discovered this and a few other blogs.
          I tried for 3 years to pretend I was ok – I went from
          Trying desperately to adopt……
          to They are never going to approve us Lets give up…
          to Oh life is good and Normal and I’m fine honestly

      • Hat Says:

        to… How come ” So & So ” got to have an affair and have a baby? I’ll have one too. – I didnt actually go through with it but damage done.
        and now here I am fixing my relationship with my husband and trying to move on.

  5. Maria Says:

    I’m a little late to the whine but I am having terrible pain in my lower back and kidney. I think it’s a stone and Im waiting to see if it gets worse.

    • IrisD Says:

      Had my first kidney stone at 18. Hope you’re feeling better!! Talking about kidney stone on this post remind me about people saying they’re more painful than giving birth. :/

  6. Mali Says:

    Very late to the whine. Mine was same as last week. Navigating the world of ailing mother and sisters. Still figuring it all out. But that’s okay cos I’m off on holiday!

  7. shari Says:

    Also late to whine. The first man I have had feelings for (since my divorce 4 years ago) decided to go back to a previous girl friend this week. So I am at work crying in the bathroom again.

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