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Whiny Wednesday: Water Baby August 29, 2012

This post was originally published on January 25, 2012.

My water cooler has sprung a leak. I put a black plastic bowl underneath to catch the drips.

The next morning the water had formed a perfect sonogram-like fetus-shaped pool.

I hate that something so stupid can still cause such a sharp reaction in me, and that I’m still thinking about that peanut shape days later.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. What’s making you want to kick something today?

P.S. The following day, the “water baby” had changed into a heart. Interpret that as you will.


5 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Water Baby”

  1. I had 2 weeks where i was extremely emotional (not like me) and having extremely sensitive sense of smell, and some nausea. I know that my chance of getting pg is less than .00000001%, but these are the symptoms i had during my 3 pregnant-but-not-for-long cases. Feeling really stupid, i looked at “menopause baby” case studies and then bought another pg test. Not, of course, which makes me feel even more stupid.

    But i have taken several steps back. I’m again having a hard time being around the people i know who are pregnant, or seeing a daddy and little daughter on the street. AAARRRRGGG! I feel like i’ve slammed myself again. I need to give this up, but i don’t know how to let go of it.

    • Mali Says:

      Kathryn, the peri-M phase is awful for confusing us. I’ve been there done that (taken HPTs when all evidence is that it will be of course negative). You’ll come out of this.

  2. Wolfers Says:

    A ex friend had her baby last Thursday (the one who hurt me badly), and of a friend (the only childfree friend I had here in town) announcing her pregnancy- so I’m whimpering (beside drinking). :p

  3. IrisD Says:

    Election season… politicians, and media emphasis on motherhood…. No wonder I feel bad… it seems that all around me is the constant self-congratulatory message of women giving other women pats in the back for having achieved the ultimate of all ultimate life enhancing experiences…. motherhood!

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