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Whiny Wednesday: Getting Zen July 18, 2012

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I am a renter and I’m a happy renter. I love my little house, my little patch of garden, and the fact that I can move on a whim, should a whim occur, and that if anything breaks I can just pick up the phone and someone else will fix it.

But my landlord is getting old (like 95, old) and his idea of property maintenance has become a little off-kilter.

Last week, after he and his helpers had been around, I went out to find that my flowerbed (which, granted, could have used a little weeding) had been weed-whacked.


I looked at the pink heads of my dianthus flung across the patch of dirt that had once been my flowerbed. And then I took a deep breath and went back inside.

I’ve learned to get zen with the idea that my home isn’t really my home and that my property doesn’t actually belong to me. It’s not always easy, but when I remember that the recent blocked toilet, broken water heater, and creatures in the rafters don’t belong to me either, the ruined flowerbed becomes a whole lot easier to stomach.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. What are you trying to get zen with?


4 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Getting Zen”

  1. Jenny Says:

    OH NOOOOO!!! My garden is my happy place. If something like that had happened to me I wouldn’t have handled it very graciously I don’t think. My whine is kind of long and rambling but I’ll try. We’re moving. We bought ten acres in the country and we want to build a tiny little farm. This is what has been keeping me together since we decided to stop trying to have children and start trying to live childfree. Whine #1: Living in limbo is getting under my skin. I love this house but I’m emotionally detached at this point and want to go. But, we don’t have our home built yet so things are just indefinitely on hold. This is hard on my nesting instinct which is very strong. Getting electricity was a bit of a hurdle which we finally overcame last week so I *thought* things were moving forward. Found out this morning that the builder didn’t get my message last week that we had electricity. GAH. Whine #2: Packing up is emotionally difficult as I’ve come across all the things I stashed away to use for our children: romper patterns, school books (we planned to homeschool and I was going to be the best home school mom) etc. etc. Whine #3: I’m trying to network online with other people doing the same thing (small farming/homesteading) but the majority are home school mommy bloggers who come across (to me at least) as though they have it all together because they have these children, feed them from their garden, and home school. I feel like a square peg that just doesn’t fit in anywhere.

  2. jeopardygirl Says:

    Help! I have been trapped in a classroom for the past three days with 17 16-year olds learning driver’s ed! Plus side: only one more day to go, Down side: I have to share my in-car lessons with one of these knuckleheads.

  3. Wolfers Says:

    I’m a new aunt- had been hiding out in my home all day yesterday, after going nuts finding out that the baby was to be born (first time labor/pregnancy after I found out I can’t have children). Frankly, I am relieved that it is over with- no more talking of pregnancy, but then again..talking about new baby. The baby is cute, but ah. On the bright side, I won’t get to hold the baby ’til Xmas,and that’s okay- giving me time to adjust. Looking back to what I had been like yesterday, I”m thinking “thank gods I had blocked/hid from the other woman…if I’m like this with my sister-in-law, what would it have been like with the closest friend (not anymore, thro) when she gets in labor?”
    long story- now it’s me time today.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I KNOW this sounds absolutely horrible, but whenever you see your every friend, relative, friend’s sister’s niece’s cousin all pregnant and their pregnancy comments on FB, don’t you just want to say “hey everyone!! Guess when my due date IS NOT!!!!!” I know, I know…

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