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Whiny Wednesday: Household Duties July 11, 2012

I am the only person in my house who ever replaces the empty toilet paper roll. I am also the only person who ever thinks to replenish the emergency supply that is usually kept close-at-hand. Our toilet paper stockpile is kept in a cupboard – a cupboard that is all the way across the other side of our disproportionately large bathroom.

I don’t wish to lower the tone of this blog, so I will leave you to figure out the consequences of this for yourself.

Today is Whiny Wednesday and this is my whine. What’s yours?


13 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Household Duties”

  1. Amy Says:

    Add to that kitchen sponge replacement/procurement, kitchen hand towel washing/folding/replacement, cleaning supply monitor lady, sunscreen expiration date checker/replacer, sheet washer/folder/re-sheeter, oh I could go on…..but I could turn my wednesday whine around and say that in my household I’m NOT the morning coffee maker, the garbage taker outer, the heavy item mover or 24hr tech support. But still, there’s a certain urgency about the moment one needs a new roll of toilet paper and the panic which ensues upon eyeing an empty emergency supply…. ; {

  2. loribeth Says:

    My whine today is about why I have to be subjected to my coworkers’ personal conversations. :p I work in a cubicle environment, so it’s pretty easy to overhear things, even when people aren’t speaking too loudly, and some days, it’s just impossible to ignore. Yesterday was particularly grating, for whatever reason. One of the women who sits near me, about the same age, recently became a grandmother (!) — and just about every morning, I get to listen in as she checks in with her daughter & coos to her granddaughter. She also had a very tense conversation with her mother yesterday (!) that had me leaving for an early coffee break, so I wouldn’t have to overhear it — and late in the afternoon, one of her direct reports dropped by to unload about a personal problem. I didn’t particularly want to hear about that one either. :p Hopefully today will be quieter…!

  3. Maria Says:

    Lisa – this made me laugh out loud. My husband and I once had a huge fight on the front lawn of our house in front of the whole neighborhood over him always taking the last roll of toilet paper and never buying replacement. I guess it wasn’t so much as a fight as me yelling at him. We have 2 bathrooms and on that particular day after he saw there was no toilet paper in the house, he went in my bathroom and took the remaining roll so I had nothing at all when I needed it. He ran out while i was yelling at him to go to the store and came back with a small 4 pack which I threw at him and said, how long do you expect that to last! Then he ran to the store and got the size I always buy. We laugh about that fight now but that was the last time he ever bought toilet paper. He just knows not to take the last roll out of my bathroom.

  4. Nadine Says:

    I am so with you on the toilet paper replacement. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we ran out of toilet paper while I was away. Would he know where to buy some ?

    My whine for today is as follow, usually on wednesday I work from home. I get to sleep later and work all day with my two cats which are the best coworkers. But today, my boss insisted I came to work in the office. So now I am stuck here, I miss my day at home.

  5. Hat Says:

    Ok Gonna whine about my loving darling husband who complains when he sees me reading my recent discovery of these blogs. “you’re not over it” – no but i’m working on it, so leave me alone because reading these blogs and blogging myself helps me immensly and then i dont bottle it up and cause other problems, like searching for a hearing ear in bad places. we are downsizing, and finding out my next door neighbour who has it all, and isnt even married yet, but has a house, a new baby (an oops) and a carreer and a fiance who works at a Bank. We struggled for years before finally Driver became a truck driver and I got a good job, and bought our first house. and after much effort didnt get a kid after all.. so yeah I dont want to be next door to her right now. sorry~! anyways. thanks for letting me get that off the chest.

  6. Heather Says:

    Can I whine about work? I would like to whine about other departments in my work that take the resources that I have reserved months in advance. Such as conference rooms, projectors, etc. If my work is going to set up a program to reserve these items why can certain departments (HR is the offender here) get to take things that I took the time to plan out for in advance? Grr… gotta go and find myself a new conference room.

  7. Jenn Says:

    My husband also can’t seem to figure out how to change the toilet paper. I want to whine about being a fertile magnet I seem to always be surrounded by people who have no troubles conceivng, but trouble watching all their kids.

  8. Mali Says:

    My whine is that I am suffering from yet another cold. This is my third cold since November, and I had a nasty virus in April, and I am getting sick of being sick!

  9. Kellie Says:

    My whine is that it’s absolutely beautiful outside and I am stuck behind a desk!

  10. Wolfers Says:

    Just got home………… worked 12 hours when I shouldn’t. I don’t get overtime. So I’m very cranky.

  11. CiCi Says:

    Ahhh the toilet paper roll…brings out the best in us doesn’t it? Funny how we all usually have a ton of different whines but you mention the never ending empty toilet paper roll and we all (almost all) jump on board. My toilet paper roll whine is that my husband puts it on backwards…always! It’s upside down that way haha. I like my paper on top not from the bottom 😉

  12. Rainbow Brite Says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night I was so wound up/angry/annoyed. I volunteer at an animal shelter – but not one where all of the animals are in cages. The cats are out in rooms that anyone can go into. Well it was cat day for me, and it was raining out…I figured it would probably be a slow day and I could give the cats some attention. NOT A CHANCE! Apparently all of the “mommies” around here think that the SPCA is a free petting zoo for their bored children! Not ONE of them was interested in adopting, but they kept me so busy that I couldn’t help people who were! And don’t get me started on the teenagers who had nothing better to do with their summer break than harass cats!! IDIOTS!

  13. hmelissar Says:

    Yes, I understand the toilet paper thing! I do all the grocery shopping in my house. I was amazed when I went on a trip on my own last week and my husband actually went to the store alone! 🙂 I think I’m the only one who knows where everything is, too. I also do all the laundry and cleaning, take out the garbage, pay bills, and do the banking, on top of my 4 outside the home part-time jobs. My husband works hard at his job and fixes things around the house. Sometimes these issues get to me.

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