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Fabulous Friday: Canoes and Medals June 1, 2012

Hope your Friday is fabulous today. Did you rekindle an old passion this week? Or try something new?

Mr. Fab and I took a canoe down the Russian River last weekend. It was definitely new for us. I won’t bore you with the entire story, suffice to say, we saw much of the scenery backwards, became intimately acquainted with a couple of overhanging trees, and I lost my prescription sunglasses overboard, so navigated most of the river basically blind. But we survived, and ultimately (in hindsight) we had fun, plus we learned a lot about our relationship, not least of which is that we’re much better in competition (backgammon, dominoes, mahjong) than in cooperation (tandem riding, canoeing, etc.) Information that’s good to know, I think.

What about you? What did you try?

In other totally unrelated new, I’m very pleased and excited to be able to officially announce that my book, I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home: How One Woman Dared to Say No to Motherhood, just won a silver medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards. So, thank you to all of you who’ve been so supportive and especially to those of you who took the time to write nice things about it to me, on Amazon, or on your blogs. The awards ceremony is on Monday in New York City, but unfortunately I won’t be there in person. Rest assured, though that I’ll be raising a glass here in California.


7 Responses to “Fabulous Friday: Canoes and Medals”

  1. Klara Says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!!!

  2. Kellie Says:

    That is awesome Lisa….I know it changed my life!

  3. loribeth Says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!! : )

  4. Mali Says:

    Lisa!! Congratulations, that’s awesome!

  5. Amel Says:


  6. Pearl Says:

    Congratulations on your award! As for the Russian river adventure, isn’t it interesting that you keep discovering new things about each other?

  7. Christi Says:

    Congratulations….and thank you a million times over for sharing your story and helping me 🙂

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