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Whiny Wednesday May 2, 2012

It’s Whiny Wednesday, your chance to vent if you need it.

Just for fun I thought we’d do the Three-Word Sentence Whine again. Remember that? It’s an exercise I borrowed and adapted from author Abigail Thomas and her wonderful book Thinking About Memoir (which, by the way, is a great resource if you’re considering writing down your story.)

The rules are that you can whine about anything you want, but it must be in sentences of three words. The idea is that it forces you to get to the point of what’s really on your mind, plus it’s good for the old grey cells.

Whine on, my friends!


16 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. Lee Cockrum Says:

    Life’s so unfair. Husband/wife separated. Husband job peril. Have three kids. Wife pregnant twins. I have nothing. Sometimes life sucks.

  2. Quasi-Momma Says:

    Skid ignores me.
    SIL is pregnant.
    Mother’s Day imminent.
    Feeling left out.
    Faith is hard.

  3. Soooo Many Babies!
    They are everywhere!
    Baby clothes here..
    Toddler Toys there..
    Enough is enough!
    I am Baby’less…
    Friends are jealous
    That is ok,
    not my fault.
    It’s getting better,
    Day by day.
    It’s my choice,
    I am stronger
    I am happy
    I am Free!

    : ) !!

    Trish K.

  4. CiCi Says:

    This sounds fun
    I will try…

    not so easy
    just my luck

    what to say
    i feel stuck…

  5. loribeth Says:

    Work work work
    Vacation next week
    Long to-do list (does that count as three words or four?)
    No firm plans
    Husband won’t commit
    That bugs me
    :p :p :p

  6. Maria Says:

    I am attorney. 20 years experience. Current job difficult. Politics are sickening. Get no respect. Can’t trust co-worker. Thrown under bus. Forced to defend. Given some acknowledgement. Co-worker skipped meeting. Thought in agreement. Fight begins anew. I hate people. Glad for husband. Grateful for love.

  7. IrisD Says:

    Essays to grade.
    Grades due today.
    Lots of emails.
    Students want grades.
    Syllabus is due.
    Not written yet.
    Need to publish.
    Need full-time job.
    Pay is low.
    Class size 65.
    Want some fun.
    Want more cash.
    Got to work-out.
    Must reduce butt.

  8. ootastic Says:

    Call from clinic. One month delay. Not very happy. Resorted to chocolate!

  9. Kellie Says:

    Mom has Sextuplets
    Life’s not fair
    Nothing in common
    Feel left out
    Mother Day envy

  10. Deanna Says:

    husband wont talk. we’ve grown apart. feel so deflated. what to do. turn to God. hardest ever trial. why why why.

  11. Jules Says:

    Heartburn hurts hell.
    I hate it.
    PIxs of babies; I can’t tolerate.
    Life is bitchy.
    I hate job.
    I hate here.
    I want out.
    Mother’s Day Doom.
    Why me, why?

  12. Mali Says:

    Autumn has arrived.
    I need work; out of money.
    I feel old.
    Hair dresser needed.
    Clothes too tight
    House falling down.
    Worried about mother.
    That’s about everything.
    Feel better now.

  13. kris Says:

    fighting with mom; no end coming
    celebs with bellies
    getting too fat
    don’t have friends
    spring is cold
    out of shape
    no helpful answers

  14. Kate B Says:

    Husband has brothers.
    One getting married.
    Wedding in Italy.
    Very expensive trip.
    European taxes outrageous.
    Insufficient airline miles.
    Hotel choices sucky.
    My recurrent whine.

  15. Julie Says:

    I am frustrated. I hate cops. Don’t like drama. Want life back.

  16. shari Says:

    dating again jitters
    explain childlessness situation
    wonder why bother
    no more losers
    tired being alone
    mother’s day sadness

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