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Whiny Wednesday April 11, 2012

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As I’m on vacation this week, I’m also taking a break from whining (plus, I’m on vacation, so, really, what is there whine about?) But don’t let me get in the way of you airing your grievances. It is Whiny Wednesday, after all. So, please, whine away!


9 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. Maria Says:

    Last Wednesday we all whined about how insensitive it is to ask “do you have children?” because for those of us who don’t, not by choice, having to answer that question brings up a lot of hurt. I was driving into work this morning listening to an interview with the Governor of South Carolina who is a woman, first generation Indian American whose parents came to this country with nothing but hope of opportunity and her story was really uplifting. The last question she was asked was “do you have children?” Her answer was yes and the next question was how her children felt about mommy being governor. I wonder what she would have said if the answer was no, and how the interviewer would have reacted if she used one of our answers from last week. Anyway, just hearing that question got me annoyed which is not how I wanted to start my day. However, it did give me something to whine about here….

  2. Klara Says:

    dear Lisa,
    yup…. you are on holidays, so there is really absolutely nothing to whine about 🙂

    My whine for today. I had lunch with some of my coworkers. And one coworker was complaing all lunch because kinder-garten increased his monthly fee. I did not comment even one single thing, whole lunch. But I wanted to scream: I would give everything in the world to be able to pay kinder-garten for MY baby!

    I do not share my infertility story with my coworkers (except with one girl who might be fallowing my path)…. so I just kept quiet.

  3. Kellie Says:

    Sooo thankful for Whiny Wednesday – a place to vent and hopefully move on with my day. Well, here goes….I finally went and saw my husbands best friends new baby boy last night – he was two weeks old yesterday. We were both under the weather, and to be honest, not in that big of a hurry to see him so it took us two weeks to finally make it there. Well, it was a bit harder for me then I was hoping – everything about him is perfect and I left there just feeling down and a bit sorry for myself. I was looking forward to work today, as I work with all men and usually I don’t have to worry about too much kid talk, but lately, especially this morning, that is all they are talking about. Everything that comes out of their mouths is about their kids…I mean, come on already – guys, take your skirts off and start talking sport, cars, motorcycles, etc…..anything except about your kids!!! I’m sick of it!!!


  4. illanare Says:

    News item first thing (and we’re talking 6.00am here): “a 78-year-old grandmother has been issued with…” Why “a grandmother”? The story would have been exactly the same if it was read as “a 78-year-old-woman has been issued with…” as the it was nothing to do with kids or grandkids. Why was it important that the woman is a grandmother?? It irritated me for a full hour until I read this post and felt a hundred times better:

  5. Mali Says:

    Well, after those last posts I really shouldn’t whine about anything! Continuing health fears concern me a bit, but it’s better than a few weeks ago so I shouldn’t whine!.

    I’m so glad you’re on vacation, and hope you are loving it, but we miss you!

    If I was going to whine about anything, it would be hormones and how much they affect my emotions, and why – even when AF is late – does she always decide to arrive right when I have a stressful all-day business meeting with a bunch of arrogant, dim, men!

    (OK, so I did have something to whine about after all!)

  6. loribeth Says:

    AF is here too. :p I wish I could have stayed home today but I have a meeting I couldn’t afford to miss unless I was really, truly, ill. :p

    I’m also whining because they closed half the commuter train station parking lot where dh & I have been parking for the past 21 years. This has thrown our well-honed morning routine into complete chaos this week. We now have to park in a parking garage near the mall across a major highway & then take a pedestrian bridge from there, OVER the highway, to the train station. It also means hiking up & down several very long, steep flights of stairs twice a day (would you believe the elevators are not yet in service??). All I can say is, this had better be worth a couple of pounds on the scale…

  7. mina Says:

    I’m too late but i need to whine… I seem to be surrounded by people/magazines/newspapers/whatnot telling me stories of single women getting pregnant “Just like that by going to the sperm bank”. I’m only after one failed IUI but it feels like its consequences were complete disaster to me (no baby, no more partner). It took me two years to recover from that. How is it possible that people seem to think you just walk into the sperm bank and come out pregnant? They just don’t seem to realize that it’s illegal for non-married people in my country so i’d have to travel miles, that it costs thousands, that success rates are actually low, and that i’d produce a child who doesn’t know his own dad, for whom i won’t have much time as a single mom because i need to work, and for whom i still would only have barely enough money? Not talking about the emotional roller-coaster…
    I just get so confused if it’s me painting everything black and depriving myself of a great opportunity to become a mother. Or if I’m just under pressure from ignorant society and greedy fertility doctors.

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