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Whiny Wednesday: Frustration February 1, 2012

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Whine #1: Is it really February already? Good grief, this year is going to fly by.

Whine #2: Between Christmas and New Year I sprained my ankle. I was out running my favorite trail (with my mother) and fantasizing about the two half marathons I planned to run later this year. I caught my foot on the edge a stone, twisted my ankle, and hit the ground like an elephant on a banana peel.

After a week on crutches and more than month of rest and TLC, it still hurts, it’s still lumpy, and I still can’t run on it. I’m so frustrated and so ready to get back out there and exercise, but all I can do is go for gentle, leisurely walks.

I want my foot back and I want it now!

It’s Whiny Wednesday. I’ve had two whines today. Feel free to have as many as you need.


4 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Frustration”

  1. Amel Says:

    SORRY to hear about your ankleeeeee…take it easy and rest a lot…(((HUGS))) Hope your ankle gets 100% well soon, but don’t force yourself…

  2. IrisD Says:

    Overworked, severely underpaid… that is my rant! Short, but I’m yelling off the top of my lungs.

  3. Lee Cockrum Says:

    Try to keep icing it each evening, and if you can take naproxen or ibuprofen , try to take a regular dosage to keep a consistent blood level. The anti inflammatory properties of these meds work better taken consistently, rather than intermittently for pain. (I am a physical therapist, although I primarily work with children, not adults!)

    Last night I was making some cereal for me and hubby in my crowded, cluttered kitchen. I managed to spill a bowl, with the sugar and milk already on it. Suddenly it felt like everything in my life was wrong, that I cannot keep up with anything, that obviously it is better I was never able to have any children, since I can barely take care of myself and him somedays. I just felt so disheartened and sad. Bummer how the littlest things can knock you for a loop. Trying to get out of the funk today.

  4. Kellie Says:

    Got to work early this morning….set the alarm off to start things off…..tripped as i was running to get the alarm (luckily caught myself), dropped my lunch and the milk that was left over after spilling most of it in my husbands truck on the way in to work this morning, went all over the floor at work. Computer issues, complaining customers and I just feel FAT from being so bloated.

    That’s my whine for the day!!!

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