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Whiny Wednesday: Water Baby January 25, 2012

My water cooler has sprung a leak. I put a black plastic bowl underneath to catch the drips.

The next morning the water had formed a perfect sonogram-like fetus-shaped pool.

I hate that something so stupid can still cause such a sharp reaction in me, and that I’m still thinking about that peanut shape days later.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. What’s making you want to kick something today?

P.S. The following day, the “water baby” had changed into a heart. Interpret that as you will.


21 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Water Baby”

  1. CiCi Says:

    Why is the government punishing me for not having babies? I wouldn’t owe on my taxes this year if I could get the large tax credits mothers get!!!
    I’m half joking here.

    • Kylie Says:

      I agree, I have this thought everytime my government announces some new initative to help out “families”. (I’m in Australia) Its always “families” that have children! Its like we don’t exist as a demographic. Whatever happened to the DINKS (double income no kids) of the 90s when at least we were acknowledged 🙂

      • stinkb0mb Says:

        oh kylie i’m also in Australia and yup you’re right. we’ve given up even paying attention come budget time because there is NEVER anything in it for us!!

  2. Lee Cockrum Says:

    I think I am going to have to modify my Facebook settings for a pregnant girl on my list. Don’t think I can tolerate some of her postings. She is not quite 24 years old, pregnant with baby number 2. First she complained about how she wasn’t getting pregnant fast enough, now she goes on and on about all her symptoms. I don’t want to unfriend her, but I also can’t deal with this for the next 7 months. *Heavy sigh*

  3. Heather Armstrong Says:

    social media can bring so many issues to life with others. I hear you on the facebook post. A good friend of mine had a birthday party with a few of our other mutual friends this past weekend. Her daughter turned 3.. and I found out about it on facebook. I was sad about it, because just because I don’t have any kids, doesn’t mean that I would not come to her party to celebrate. I wanted to send her a message and ask why she left me out, but I know.. makes me sad and then a bit mad and annoyed. I would have brought the best gift 🙂

  4. Carla Says:

    I thought I was the only one that saw phantom fetus everywhere. Hate that.

  5. Mali Says:

    What’s making me want to kick something today? Two things.
    1) Me.
    2) My In-laws

    • lmanterfield Says:

      Oh, I can get in on that discussion. Need to go over to your blog so I can whine incognito. 😉

    • Kellie Says:

      you too??? I’m a day late for whiny Wednesday, but my in-laws ( my mother-in-law to be exact) is driving me crazy. We had “words” last Saturday because she doesn’t feel like I am handling my infertility the correct way. She doesn’t understand why I have a hard time going to my nephews 3rd birthday party (which I attended, it’s just hard), she is bothered that I don’t want to live vicariously through my husbands best friends wife who is 7 months pregnant.
      I’ve asked her to read a book on infertility to try and understand what we are going through – but she says it’s just “too painful” for her to read. But she has the nerve to question everything I am doing!!
      The worst part….my wonderful husband just sits there silently just hoping that we can just get along!
      Thanks for letting me vent!!! 🙂

      • Mali Says:

        Kellie – that would drive me nuts. I particularly like (loathe) how your MIL says it is “too painful” to think about your infertility – but doesn’t seem to relate that it is ten (a hundred, a thousand) times more so for you.

      • Rerah Says:

        So sorry about the situation with your MIL–sounds like an extra level of Dante’s Inferno……

      • Elena Says:

        horrible behaviour on her side! You should tell her that if it’s too hard for her just to read the book, can’t she imagine how hard it is for you to actually LIVE that???

  6. I have had 8 failed IVF cycles and 3 failed Foster-to-adopt placements – 2 of those failed situations occurred in the last 3 months — I’m so sick of this. Whine!!

  7. Elena Says:

    I’m a smoker, i’m not proud of it and I wish i wasn’t, but it’s an addiction not just a bad habit and not easily broken (believe me, i’ve tried).
    Cigarette packs here have horrible pictures on them of all the bad things that can happen to you when you smoke, like diseased lungs etc. Needless to say that this doesn’t stop people smoking. there are many studies which prove the pointlessness of this kind of thing, don’t ask me why the governement keeps having them printed on cigarette packs. anyway the only one that would have been important information which would really have kept me from smoking would have been “smoking damages your ovaries and will lead to lower chance of getting pregnant”, but that one doesn’t exist (so everybody believes that smoking and fertility issues are just a problem in men, not women) and i really truely only learned about this direct connection between smoking and infertility when it was too late.
    Anyway of course one of these horror pictures is that of a fetus (saying something like smoking is bad for your unborn baby). For quite a while that fetus picture put me in an extreme confusion of feelings. Just to have to look at what i yearned for and not being able to have it, mingled with so complicated feelings of guilt, sadness, envy….

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