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Fabulous Friday January 13, 2012

Earlier this week, Rerah commented how great it would be to have a “Fabulous Friday,” where we can list all of the positive things we do or want to do, or are able to do because we don’t have children. I think this would be an excellent way for us all to keep our eyes on the future and what it might hold for us, even as we’re dealing with the past.

Kathleen mentioned that she is planning a cycling trip to France this year and is gathering information on things to do.

My plans for this year also include travel. Mr. Fab and I once created a Bucket List of places we wanted to visit. We made a start on checking things off, but life happened, we got busy and distracted, and our last few trips have been places that are quick and easy to book and don’t require much planning.

So, this year, I’m dusting off my Bucket List, making time to do some research and planning, and then we’re going…somewhere. I’ll report back later.

So what do you have planned, or what would you like to have planned? Could you use some encouragement? Let us know here, so we can keep one another buoyed up and maybe offer advice and support, if needed.


13 Responses to “Fabulous Friday”

  1. CiCi Says:

    Yup…focusing on the future! Great idea!!! The hub and I have a trip planned for April (our two year anniversary). We are taking our first road trip ever. We’ll be driving from Colorado to Southern California. Staying a few days in my hometown, then heading up the coast with stays in San Fran and Portland, and then landing for a few more days in Seattle before heading back home. We are hugely looking forward to this trip alone with our road trip playlists, picture taking, and memory making 🙂 Surely we wouldn’t be able to take or enjoy a trip like this with little ones in the back seat!

  2. jeopardygirl Says:

    Esso and I are planning a 3-week trip to England in 2013. We’ve gone to more concerts in the past three years than we did in the decade previous. It’s nice not to have to find someone to babysit if we want to go to the movies on the spur of the moment. Heck, even just getting dinner on the table is easier! 🙂

  3. Kellie Says:

    My New Years Resolution is to start focusing on the future with my wonderful husband and less on not being able to have a baby – it’s difficult at times, but the past few weeks have been so much better between the two of us. With that being said – we are now planning a trip to Spain and Portugal this November. The planning and researching has been fun and it gives us both something to look forward too.

    If anyone has any places that aren’t to be missed in Spain and Portugal, please feel free to share.

    Happy Friday everyone – make it a great day!

    • IrisD Says:

      Hi Kellie,

      From Madrid you can take excursions to Avila, Segovia, and Toledo. Toledo is my favorite of these. Definitely visit Barcelona, a museum of modernist architecture with all of the Gaudi buildings, but it also has a Gothic quarter, and the walk from the port up Las Ramblas (a pedestrian boulevard) is a feast for people watching. You can ride the hop on hop off bus and visit the main sites, as well as catching spectacular views of the city from Mont Juic and Parque Guell. You cannot miss the Sagrada Familia. My favorite part of Spain is Andalusia. You have to see the Alhambra in Granada, but make reservations ahead of time. Cordoba and Sevilla are also must sees. I have never been to Galicia, but would love to see Santiago de Compostela one day.

      • Mali Says:

        I pretty much agree with Iris’ recommendations – but also loved Ronda in Andalucia (and all the white villages nearby), and Segovia/Salamanca/Toledo all close to Madrid. I’ve blogged about some of these here – Santiago de Compostela was raining when we were there – it was a long drive and a bit of an anti-climax (although being in the cathedral for Sunday service with all the pilgrims was very moving).

    • Rerah Says:

      If you go to Segovia, you must eat at the restaurant below the aquaduct–expensive, but the lamb is heavenly!

  4. IrisD Says:

    I love this Fabulous Friday idea…. I’m hoping to take the hubby to Andalusia this year… keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Definitely let us know about your trips, places you definitely recommend and other travel advice…. But also ideas of classes you’ve enjoyed, volunteer projects that might be of interest, things that are going on in your cities that might also be available elsewhere!!

  5. Mali Says:

    I have a family wedding in Phuket planned for Feb, then a special trip in Oct for my birthday (destination yet to be decided). I love planning travel – my husband and I wrote a ten-year travel plan once (we followed the first three years of it). But it was scary discovering how little of the world you can see in ten years! (Things like work and money get in the way).

    I also need some encouragement – I’m thinking of taking a writing course. I need to find one first. Then I need to be brave enough to show someone my writing!

    • Rerah Says:

      Mali, if you think too much about it, you’ll never be brave enough! Just sign up and do it. Everyone gets nervous when they think of sharing what they’ve written–it’s a vulnerable situation. But how else will you learn and grow? Besides, saying “I’m taking a writing course” is a really cool conversation starter…..

  6. Rerah Says:

    My husband and I plan to visit Mt. Desert Island in Maine this summer. I can’t wait! We’re looking forward to hiking, sea kayaking, and eating LOTS of lobster!

    I’ve also decided that I’ve spent enough time drifting around on a sea of self pity–which has only resulted in me gaining 30 + pounds! I don’t want to waste another two years of my life. My husband and I have a long term goal we’re both excited about. Our three year plan is to build up our endurance to hike the Coast to Coast in England!

    • stelli Says:

      Rerah, I went to Mt Desert Island three years ago on a kayaking trip and it was fabulous. A great outdoor destination for kayaking, hiking and biking. Bar Harbour is lovely and the lobsters are delicious.

  7. Kate B Says:

    The husband and I plan to do lots of travel in our later years, but the immediate thing that I plan to, which I’m able to do because we don’t have kids is making my next car a Mercedes Benz. No tuition=nice car.

  8. Angela Says:

    I have decided to go back to school and get a master’s degree so that I can find a job in a broader market (Human Resources), once this job has run it’s course. The plus is that my current company will pay for my schooling because it’s my job description already. I’m in the aerospace industry right now and we all know how that’s going! That feeds into my plan of eventually being able to move to another location and have a job there. I’m also signed up for Parkour classes for a month!

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