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Whiny Wednesday January 11, 2012

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I have a half-whine today. I want to whine about this, but I know I shouldn’t, and I feel guilty and awful about even considering a whine, so I’ll sneak out my whine quickly and then cover it over with counter-whines as quickly as I can.

Every year my mum comes to visit for 5-6 weeks. She goes home in one week’s time…and I’m ready to get my life back.

Please understand, I love my mum. She is an almost perfect houseguest, she’s easy going, keeps her opinions largely to herself, and is a breeze to get along with. She’s active, we share common interests, and we even like the much of the same food.

She’ll be 80 this year and, even though she’s in excellent health, she lost her twin sister recently, and it made me painfully aware of how valuable our time is together. I’m lucky that she’s in good enough shape to be able to fly 6000 miles alone to visit, and I appreciate that my work affords me time to spend with her. I’m lucky. I know I’m lucky, so I’m just squeaking out a tiny whine.

But I’m ready to have my life back. I’m ready to spend time alone with my husband again, to lounge in bed on a Sunday morning, and to go for long walks and talk. I’m ready to throw myself back into work and hunch over my computer for the coming months. I have big plans for this year, and I’m ready to get them started.

And I think my mum’s ready to go home too, back to her garden, her friends, and her busy social life. Her gentleman friend’s phone calls are coming more frequently, and although he would never admit it, he’s probably missing her too.

So, it’s been a great visit, but it’s time for us all to get back to normal.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. Even though mine was just a half-whine today, feel free to let your full whines out, as needed.


7 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. Artemis Says:

    My whine today is that I never seem to get people understand how I fell or think… I always get the “oh, we all have problems” answer and people seem to think that if I have problems it’s because I’m not trying hard enough or I’m just being negative…
    It’s not that I don’t get it that other people have problems too but I’ve never met anyone in a similar life situation than myself. So no, I don’t think my problems can be compared to other peoples problems. Why should they?
    But I have to say: I love your whining wednesdays! It feels good to get “permission” to whine once in a while…

  2. Mali Says:

    My whine is that I have my second cold in three months, after going a couple of years without one. I have free time right now to get out and do things, and I can’t – I’m home feeling miserable. And whining!

  3. Carol Says:

    My whine today is I have hard-to-control anxiety and something that seems like hot flashes and I can’t seem to get it under control….except when I get fully absorbed in something and distracted. So I’m ready to give up the freelance life, which gives me too much opportunity to be self-absorbed, for a “real job.” If anyone will hire. Which they might not. The seeming hot flashes also prompt me to have second thoughts about having no kids, although I think it’s just the idea that it’s probably no longer a choice. That said, my body is healthy and everything is good. Thanks for your blog!

    PS: And I am fighting head lice I discovered yesterday. I have no idea how they found me. Wow. An ordeal. Although the pesticide shampoo gave me great fluffy hair. 🙂

  4. Angela Says:

    My yoga instructor just shared with me that she is pregnant. She is complaining about how sick she is, how nauseous she is, how she feels jipped because she thought “this was going to be a beautiful experience.” And there I was giving HER advice – “it will pass”, “try eating crackers”, etc. Really!?!? Me giving advice to a pregnant woman – that takes the cake! Gotta admit though – I relished hearing the reality that pregnancy is not always so perfect.

  5. stinkb0mb Says:

    my whine today is actually to do with your post the other day – walk a mile in my shoes. i cannot tell you how completely sick and tired i am, of hearing the “adoption” argument trotted out time after time anytime someone mentions infertility.

    i get it online, in real life, from strangers even!!

    as i said in my comment on that post, i will start taking the “oh you should adopt!” line more seriously, as i imagine a lot of infertiles perhaps would, if and WHEN people with NO fertility issues start adopting rather than popping out their own biological sprogs!!

    until then – if you tell me that i should “just adopt” and you have your own biological children, well i’m going to tell you to talk a long walk off a bloody short pier, in a not so nice way!!

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