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Whiny Wednesday: What any mother would do December 14, 2011

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The woman who pepper sprayed shoppers at a Wal-Mart on Black Friday has decided to play the Motherhood Card.

The woman, who sprayed more than 20 shoppers while grappling to pick up a bargain X-Box said that her “Mama Bear instinct kicked in” when she saw her two teenage children were in danger, and she did “what any mother would do.”

Really? Because when I picture any of my friends with children in that same situation, I see them grabbing their beloved babies and getting them out of the situation they’d foolishly just put them in. I don’t see them rummaging in their purses and pepper spraying a crowd. And I don’t see them suing Wal-Mart for providing insufficient security.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. Greedy, stupid people rub me the wrong way. What’s on your nerves today?


8 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: What any mother would do”

  1. Matisses_mom Says:

    My little whine is that I’m getting really tired of the emotional rollercoaster I’m on. One day I can be optimistic about our future and excited about planning a future with just hubby and I, the next day I’m a weeping lump who’s hyper sensitive to people’s comments and who’s unable to imagine a different future than I thought I’d have. It’s getting exhausting.

    • Mali Says:

      Just a hug, and to let you know our emotions do even out eventually – or they did in my case. Hope you get a chance to rest over the holidays.

      • Matisses_mom Says:

        Thank you so much! It’s nice to hear those words from someone who knows. Rest and hugs are the best medicine I’ve found 🙂

    • Kellie Says:

      I understand you whine….I am right there with you on the emotional rollercoaster and can’t seem to get off. It’s been 7 months since making the decision to live childfree and it’s so brutally hard at times – especially during the holidays.
      I wish you well and hope each day gets easier for you!

  2. Amel Says:

    My little whine is that people can’t stop inquiring for more info when I say, “I have no kids” (after they ask the usual question) – and when they hear that “Let’s just say I have trouble getting pregnant”, they can’t stop at that, either (nor could they stop at saying “I’m sorry to hear that”). Feeling awkward about my answer makes them feel obliged to say all the typical things they’d say to an infertile, such as: “You’re still young”, “It’ll happen at the right time”, “Just don’t try too hard!”, etc. etc. etc.


    • Rerah Says:

      Not to mention, “Why don’t you just adopt?”! I go through a lot of wine at parties during this time of year….

  3. monka Says:

    Having to explain my reproductive history to my doctor AGAIN. I know they are busy and have a tonne of patients but when you’ve called me into your office to discuss test results – familiarize yourself with my file before you walk in.

  4. Mali Says:

    No whines today. I’ll take this moment of calmness while I have it, and hope it lasts more than an hour or two!

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