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Lucky Me November 22, 2011

In her wonderful post last week, Dorothy talked about the idea of getting a double dose of something else good to make up for the child-shaped holes in our lives. I’ve been thinking a lot about that idea, especially as we tick towards Thanksgiving.


I don’t really consider myself unlucky. Sure my plans for having children didn’t work out, but I have so many other things going for me. And as a general rule, I feel that luck is usually on my side.


So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are the top 10 things I am thankful for today:


10. My health, which is having its off-days lately, but in the big scheme of things is good.

9. I need to lose a few a pounds instead of having to worry about where my next meal is coming from.

8. I get to work that I love (most days.)

7. Clean flannel sheets. They’re one of life’s greatest indulgences.

6. I live 3 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and on a good day I can almost smell Hawaii from my back yard.

5. My friends, near and far, who make me laugh, or think, or who just listen

4. My family. Mad as hatters, all of ’em, but they’re pretty special.

3. My cat, who was good enough to pick me for an owner, and who loves me in her own strange kitty way.

2. My mum, who is about as good as a mother any daughter could ask for and is coming to spend Christmas with us.

1. My husband, who isn’t perfect, but is pretty flipping marvelous despite his flaws.


Feel free to join in and add your own list.


3 Responses to “Lucky Me”

  1. JAC Says:

    What flaws?

  2. Kathleen Guthrie Woods Says:

    1. Roof over my head.
    2. Money in the bank.
    3. Invoices coming due (so, more money in the bank soon).
    4. Nieces and nephews who make my heart sing.
    5. The two-story high poinsettia outside my office window. (It looks like a dead stick most of the year, then explodes in color around Nov 1.)
    6. I get to to do (and be paid for) work I love.
    7. Our LWB community.
    8. Two four-legged companions who love me unconditionally.
    9. Friends who inspire me.
    10. A husband I love who loves me back.

  3. Dorothy Says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s my list:

    The gift of abundant life promised by Christ (John 10:10), the privilege of prayer, and a great faith community to worship with on Thanksgiving and Sunday mornings

    God’s gift of free will, American democracy, freedom of speech and the brave men and women who defend our freedoms and way of life

    The LWB community — a place to laugh, celebrate, and LOVE who we are becoming

    A sexy, smart husband and friends who are like family (in a good way!)

    A toy dachshund that knows exactly where to potty on her recyclable pee-pads when she has to go. (Yep, no waiting around in sub-zero, Chicago temps for my little princess to do her business.) Because of this good behavior, she even gets to accompany me to the office. What a great employee benefit!

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