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Whiny Wednesday: Open floor August 10, 2011

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It’s Whiny Wednesday and the floor is wide open. Now’s your chance to have a good whine about whatever is on your mind today.


Whine on!


6 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Open floor”

  1. Lain Says:

    People who expect me to do things for them because I don’t have kids!!

  2. Re DuVernay Says:

    People who act offended by aspects of my life that don’t affect them. (no kids, vegetarian, different religion, different political beliefs, keeping my own last name after marriage) I’m not hurting you simply by existing, and having minor differences from you! Wouldn’t life be boring if everybody was exactly the same in their beliefs and life decisions? What ever happened to “different strokes to move the world”?

  3. Julie Says:

    In my building, the teachers normally have three days to work in their classrooms before school starts. Those three days have SOME meetings, but we usually have at least 3 hours each day uninterrupted. We started back today, and had the normal 3 hours in the afternoon, but starting tomorrow, we have NO work time at all. We are being forced to attend a training seminar on reading a passage and then leading a discussion over the passage. I’m sure this is quite valuable for people who do a lot of reading in their subject areas, but I teach MATH, so it is completely pointless for me. So I will be sitting, bored and pissed that I am losing my work time for something that has nothing to do with what I teach, and then have to make up for that time and prepare for my students over the weekend or in the evening. And the three hours today was not nearly enough to get everything sorted and organized and planned for the first days with students.

  4. Kathleen Guthrie Says:

    Mercury is in retrograde. I’m scrambling to meet big deadlines by end of week (because I start jury duty on Monday), and in the midst of sending a HUGE job, the power went out. C’mon! I need a break!!!!!

  5. Kate B Says:

    I have a significant birthday coming up. I wanted a small barbecue with a few friends in our backyard. I think my husband is planning a party at a local restaurant. Still lovely, but not what I wanted. Is it wrong of me to be whining about that?

  6. beenybaby Says:

    last night i went to my monthly dinner with my girlfriends. i’ve adjusted to being the only non-mom at the table these days. my friend was visiting from out of town, and she’s trying to have a baby, but is also in the adoption process. then i found out my other friend is getting an adoption lawyer, and again, i just felt so left out. my husband isn’t open to adoption, even though he said before we got married that he would be open to it. my brother and my sister-in-law (different marriages) are both adopted, so i have a good experience with it, but he and his family are totally shut off. (cue the 1/2 hour long tirade i listened to a few years ago from his dad about how adoption is just WRONG – before he realized my bro was adopted…..). yikes. sometimes i’m okay with it, but last night kind of got me bummed out.

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