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It Got Me Thinking…About Baseball and Babies July 11, 2011

By Kathleen Guthrie

I thought it was some kind of spoof. While watching our San Francisco Giants lose to the San Diego Padres, we caught a vague ad about a “World Championship Baby!” Huh?


I went online the next morning to learn more and discovered that, yes indeed, there is a contest to recognize a baby who was conceived around 7:54 pm on November 1, when the Giants beat the Rangers to clinch last year’s World Series. The winning baby, expected to arrive on August 1, will receive a named brick at AT&T Park, a gift card for $2,010, and an “official certificate signed by the Giants.” Meanwhile, fans can browse an online gallery of moms-to-be and their ultrasound images.


This whole thing makes my skin crawl. Maybe I’m envious and oversensitive. I can’t say, however, that I’ll feel any better if the geniuses in marketing try to make it up to me by having a “Childfree Women Free!” Day next season.


Kathleen Guthrie is a Northern California–based freelance writer. Kinder-soccer is still her favorite spectator sport.


4 Responses to “It Got Me Thinking…About Baseball and Babies”

  1. Maria A. Says:

    This actually made me laugh a little. This year for Mother’s Day. I wanted to post “Happy Contraceptive Awareness Day!” on my Facebook, but 90% of my friends are mothers and about 25% of them are new mothers and didn’t want to start a fight. Though I don’t know how saying something like that would be considered insensitive, when I keep getting invited to Baby Showers and are told, “Oh, it will happen for you too sweetie.” Did enjoy the post though.

  2. Jenny Says:

    My first post. Thank you for allowing me to join. I’m 35, married 13 years now. No kids or pregnancies.

    The world is so child-centered, isn’t it? It can sometimes make me feel like some kind of pariah. Society’s obsession with motherhood can really sting a childless woman like me. I try to remember I may be overly sensitive too, like Kathleen mentioned, but it’s rough indeed.

    I know what you mean about the Facebook thing too, Maria. I’m afraid my friends will see me as being bitter about having infertility (sometimes I am), and I don’t want to ruffle feathers. Maybe some day I’ll gather up enough courage to be more outspoken by it.

    • Maria A. Says:

      I am glad someone understands Jenny. This was my first post too. I stumbled onto the blog not too long ago and it just sort of fit what I was going through.

      I’ve been told I am bitter and just plain jealous that my “friends” have children and I do not. Perhaps at the moment I was, but I wonder how some of my friends would feel if I wasn’t supportive when they had their first, second or third child. How it would feel if I wasn’t the friend who was all smiles and made sure they had the most amazing baby shower and gifts, all while dieing inside. The hurt gets less and less, but still I wish they just knew.

  3. Kathleen Guthrie Says:

    Glad to have you in the discussion, Jenny! Welcome! I think you’ll find lots of encouragement in the posts and comments on this site. It’s an amazing community, and we are definitely learning how to speak up.

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