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Whiny Wednesday: Busy trying to relax June 29, 2011

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My husband passed this comic strip across the breakfast table to me earlier this week.


This is me.

We really need a vacation. I am long overdue to go home to see my mum. We just planned a weekend away that turned into a business trip and had to be planned and replannned and replanned and rescheduled so many times that I feel as if we’ve spent the past three weeks planning a vacation we’re not actually going to get.

I’m almost ready to throw some clothes in a suitcase, go to the airport with a credit card and get on the next flight to anywhere. Right now, I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t want to go.

It’s Whiny Wednesday. What’s your whine?


8 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Busy trying to relax”

  1. Robin D. Says:

    Lisa, I’m right there with you. I was out of work for a year and half, so no vacations during that time since we were just happy to be able to pay the bills from month to month. I’m exhausted, I’ve buried two pets this year – one last night – and although I’m grateful to have a job and I do like the company I’m working for, I’m not encouraged to be creative here. My husband is causing me more stress than support and I wish I could just head to the airport with a bag and a credit card. Plus, where did June go? The year’s half over and the diet I planned so I wouldn’t be fat for a big music festival I’m going to in September didn’t happen. Whine, whine, whine.

  2. RuralRabbit Says:

    My town is having their fireworks display on the 3rd, not the 4th. I have family invited over for the 4th, ugh. Why did they decide to change this and not post a notice?

  3. DAK Says:

    For years and years I could never really “plan” vacations. We went, but we were always anxious for some reason or another. The whole IF treatments and timing and then the whole “adoption” thing was always hanging on our heads. Now that we are over both we could plan easily except I am getting laid off, but I need a vacation too! From the outsourcing of my job to India to my mother! lol Get me outta here!

  4. Mali Says:

    You’re going to hate me. My “To-Do” List has about 20 items on it relating to the plans I need to make for our next holiday (vacation). We make trips/holidays a priority. It’s one of the things that is easier without kids.

    My only whine today is that it is cold and raining. Winter has finally arrived in NZ. So enjoy the sunshine for me, won’t you?!

  5. Kira Says:

    Lisa, my condolences on your pet(s), that sucks, it just does.

    Ok, the airport trip may be a bit much, but once I packed up for an eve once on a whim an hit a local hotel (ridiculous, sure!), I painted my toenails and vegged out on cable all night, in room food I brought with me and it was totally self indulgent and beyond worth while. I miss my critters, still do.

    No one needs to know, LOL, its worth it sometimes.

    And forget the diet crap, I just had my petite friend with a stunning figure visit me and she was so uptight about her figure she wouldn’t wear a bathing suit, aka wouldn’t get in a hot tub or pool…we were on a vaca together! its sucked frankly.

    I felt bad, she’s in her 50’s and still obsessing on sh*t that doesn’t matter. In the meantime, some HEAVY friends visited and we had a fricken BALL, we slid to the pool laden with Chardonnay and wore bikini’s and had the time of our life. I love them to death, + or – 1000 lbs! 🙂 I guarantee you are harder on yourself than anyone.

    No one cares about weight, all of that crap, be yourself and have a wonderful time. Life is short. Luxuriate in every moment.

    Best, Kira

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