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Going Meatless June 25, 2011

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Over the past several months, I’ve been watching my weight slowly drift upwards. Well, more accurately, I’ve been completely ignoring the fact that my “fat jeans” are now tight and that I wear the same three outfits because nothing else fits.

I have a million reasons and excuses for this, but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, two weeks ago I decided to take the bull by the horns. I set myself a goal and made a plan for how to accomplish it.

It’s not going to be anything surprising here, ladies. I need to eat more veggies and less chocolate, and I need to get away from this desk and move my chair-shaped posterior more than just to the fridge and back. I know what to do; I just need to do it.

Oh, and I’m also going meatless.

Now I realize that three readers in Texas just fainted at the idea of giving up meat, but it’s not such a big deal in our house. I was a vegetarian for 15 years and Mr. Fab is happy to eat my veggie creations most of the time. I started eating meat again about 10 years ago and I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the amount of meat I eat and the size of my thighs. So out she goes.

I’m in no way trying to convert anyone here, merely informing (and hopefully entertaining) but if you’re thinking that a little less meat in the diet may do you a world of good, check out the Meatless Monday campaign for information and recipes to get you started, and Vegetarian Times for more inspiration.

Tomorrow night I’m making Cuban Stuffed Peppers. I’ll be sure to report back and post the recipe, once it’s passed the Mr. Fab test.

And one more random fun item for today. I just stumbled on this recipe to make your own Goldfish crackers, including instructions for a miniature goldfish-shaped cutter! Love it!


9 Responses to “Going Meatless”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I eat largely vegetarian except for an occasional bit of fish.

    Still, from what i can tell by several docs now, breads, grain, and sugar are more likely to cause folks problems than meat.

    Because of health issues, i have not been able to lose weight in years. I’m currently doing the hCG diet (it is considered controversial) and have lost 12 pounds. I’m thrilled. I’ve 4 other friends doing it, with similar and better results. I will say it is more difficult as a vegetarian (who does eat fish). I still am hungry often, but it is worth it to me. More, it is suppose to “reset” the endocrine system and metabolism. I don’t know about all that, but i’m sleeping better than i have in hears.

    Good luck with your diet. If your metabolism is better than mine (and probably is) i’m sure your plan will work quite well for you. It does feel great to be slimmer! 🙂

  2. Dorothy Says:

    Good luck with your new approach! I have also cut way back on animal protein and discovered a whole new world of nutritious, tasty alternatives. Items like tempeh and tofu are amazingly good when mixed with the right flavors. I had a Thai basil tempeh dish last week that rocked! (Just Google It to find recipe.)

  3. Ha. And here I thought this was going to be a post about celibacy. Get it? Meatless? Mwahahaha.

  4. Being kind to yourself is the best thing to do, and it sounds like you have a great plan!
    Would love to hear how the peppers come out!

  5. loribeth Says:

    Good luck with the weight loss — I find the older I get, the tougher it gets. :p

    We aren’t vegetarian (I love me a good steak every now & then), but we don’t eat meat anywhere near as often as we used to.

  6. Kira Says:

    Going healthy veg was the best thing I ever did to stop my weight yo-yo and shed over 50lbs at one time.

    Staying in shape is so much easier, and self-fulfilling, I am way more likely to be active when I’m already in shape.

    One surprise for me is that I have been become athletic later in life (started late 30’s). I have picked up road cycling, mountaineering, long distance running…..yup, me who could barely ride a bike in the beginning!

    I always believed after 40 balance becomes an issue, weight increases unstoppably, athletic recovery is an issue, etc etc. It always struck me as so dismal and definitive.

    Bull. I am living proof to the contrary. And I was not athletic in my youth.

    I never would have guessed I could feel like this at my age. Creases are forming and grey sparkles in my hair (until I get to the salon anyway;) but I am very content and happy with my body, I feel strong and fit.

    I believe it has also been a side benefit of not having children, I have had time to take care of myself, get good sleep, limit stress etc. My husband also is physically extremely young for his age. We’re both amazed at how we feel.

    I’m tickled at this unexpected development in my aging, and I think its great for younger people to realize the gal that just passed them is hardly a young one when they get a closer look!

    Best, Kira

  7. Mali Says:

    OK, after reading Kira’s comment I now feel awful. I was very athletic when I was young, and could eat what I liked. Sadly, I still seem to think I’m sporty, when clearly I’m not. And for some reason the last six months my weight has crept up, and I stood on the scales at the gym today, and was not happy. I workout regularly, but clearly not often enough. I’ve been wallowing a little lately, so trying now to kick that! I’ve been wanting to cut down on the meat but never sure how to do it, so will check out your recipe sites.

  8. Debra Harrington Says:

    My weight increased as a result of a herniated lumbar disc and the lack of a job. I was very sedentary in order to heal my back (and because I couldn’t work) and I started eating more than was necessary. That was last August and my back has been healed for a few months now and I am working again. Still trying to control my vegetarian food intake. BUT this week I started jogging. Just a measly mile but still something.

    I’m glad to hear from someone on the same journey to healthy weight loss 🙂

  9. lmanterfield Says:

    I love your comments!! Go Kira and Debra.

    I am definitely feeling better since cutting out the meat and I don’t miss it at all, although it gets tricky sometimes when eating out.

    I’m afraid the Cuban Stuffed Peppers never quite made it. I will make another attempt so and report in.

    And Dorothy, I will try your Thai basil tempeh suggestion, because goodness knows that stuff needs help tasting good! 😉

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement.

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