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Whiny Wednesday: Smelly Cat June 22, 2011

There are lost of pluses to being “off the baby crazy train.” My Health Savings Account (used to pay everything not covered by health insurance) is carrying a healthy balance instead of being wrung dry. Most weeks I have no doctor’s appointments at all. My love life has improved dramatically. Beer and sushi are back on the menu. I’m happier. But the big downside is that the responsibility for cleaning out the cat box has fallen back to me.

Let me say, I love my cat. As far as furry friends go, she really is the cat’s meow. She’s a snuggle buddy, her fur is lovely and silky, and she loves to wrestle. But I do not know how a creature so cute can produce such a ferocious stink.

Today is Whiny Wednesday and this is my whine. What’s yours?


9 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Smelly Cat”

  1. Kate B Says:

    I have crappy neighbors. They moved in 2 years ago. They are either totally clueless or completely self-centered – not sure which – but they never give any consideration for how their actions may impact others in the neighborhood. They park wherever it is convenient for them. They shovel their snow out into the middle of the street, making it a one lane street. They have parties that start at midnight, end at 2, 3, 4 am – and spill out into the street at some point or another. And last night, they dumped something out in their backyard – I’m hoping it was just pool water – that went under the fence and ran down our driveway. Our brand new, not even 2 weeks old driveway. It left a residue. I washed the driveway down this morning, hoping I’ve washed whatever it is away. But it sucks. I’m sure they never gave a thought to where the runoff was going. I want new neighbors. Better yet, I want my old neighbors back.

  2. RuralRabbit Says:

    The fireworks have already started. Now I love the 4th of July and am terribly patriotic, but the fireworks leave my dog a nervous mess. I really wish they would contain them to the few legal days. As a plus, the fireworks that look my sperm make me giggle.

  3. Kathleen Guthrie Says:

    The never-ending election season. Let me save you some time: You are going to improve our schools, reduce taxes, make our streets safer, and bring common sense back to politics. Yeah, yeah.

  4. DAK Says:

    We had a storm last night and our power went out about 9 pm. As of this a.m. we still do not power and it looks like the entire neighborhood and not just our side of the street wich is usually the norm. I was able to shower, but my hair is one big frizz ball and the fish that I bought yesterday for dinner tonight will likely be bad!!!!
    I am getting sick of this Chgo weather. Rain. 90’s & Humid. Rain. 90’s & Humid. And then bam! 65. WTF

  5. DAK Says:

    wow, alot of typos in that reply! Sorry about that!

  6. Kira Says:

    I was going to whine but reading about smelly cat got me laughing instead!

    Have a great day all…LOL…

  7. Sue Says:

    After several of my personal attempts to invite my mother-in-law down for a visit went unresponded to (she claims she never got my messages and in the past she refused to come because my husband didn’t ask her), my husband informed me that she is coming to visit the day after our other guests (a family of four) leave next week. Funny how the day she picked to come just happened to be right after the other guests leave (my message included the dates they would be here). Now I’ll have a whole afternoon to get my home back in order, cleaned top to bottom, and have the guest room freshly laundered and in mother-in-law tip top shape. *sigh*

  8. HR Hughes Says:

    I know Wed. was yesterday but…got a call from a friend who has been not that good of a friend lately- she admits she’s been weird bcs she’s pregnant and didn’t want to tell me- but is telling me now bcs she thought she may have miscarried the child and since I’ve had 2 I could perhaps offer words of wisdoom or comfort…but the best news so far for her is that the pregnancy is still viable and the dr thinks she’ll be fine. And then she told me about another neighbor who is pregnant. I thought I was doing better but this really tweeked me. Seriously! I am not the one to call as an expert on miscarriage to make you feel better bitch…whew, I really had to get that of my chest. thanks

  9. happynenes Says:

    I don’t have a whiny this week, but I have a solution to smelly cat. We got this thing called a Litter Robot. Actually, my husband got it for me for our anniversary. (Yes, ha ha, really) to replace the LitterMaid he got me the year before for our anniversary. Don’t ask me why our anniversary inspires him to solve our cat poop problems, but, there you go. Anyway, the Litter Robot was pricey, and at first our kitten was convinced it was a kitten pot pie machine, but it is the best automated gadget we have ever owned. The LitterMaid was a complete and total failure for us – the pee soaked through the cardboard pan. We had one mechanical issue with the Litter Robot, and the company was great about fixing it. All I do now is change the bag in the bottom twice a week (our cats are high volume poopers), and take it out in the back yard and hit it with the hose every couple months. Works great and I definitely use less litter.

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