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Whiny Wednesday: A Pregnancy Announcement June 8, 2011

I just received a pregnancy announcement in the mail. Let me repeat that. I just received a pregnancy announcement in the mail, not a birth announcement, but a card informing me of a potential birth, a birth that is forecast to happen next year!

I was especially surprised because I’d seen the return address on the envelope and knew that the sender was a woman in her late 50s! Turns out it was an announcement of a grandchild-to-be. I know. But wait, it gets stranger. Tucked inside the card was a copy of a sonogram image of my friend’s daughter-in-law’s uterus and her 12-week old peanut.

Now granted, I’m a little old-fashioned in these regards. Coming from a culture that subscribes to the “don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched” mantra, it took me a while to adapt to the idea of baby showers and giving gifts before a baby is born. And frankly, after my own dabbling in infertility, and having heard your stories, I’m beginning to think that this notion of waiting isn’t so old-fashioned after all.

To say this least, this pregnancy announcement caught me off guard and, all things considered, I think a phone call would have sufficed, don’t you?

It’s Whiny Wednesday and this is what’s under my skin this week. What’s under yours?


7 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: A Pregnancy Announcement”

  1. Sue Says:

    WHAT??? (Rubbing my eyes and reading the above text again) WHAT??? I understand the excitement of a soon-to-be grandchild but…HELLO??? An announcement WITH a sonogram picture…TOO MUCH??? I say “YES!” Whine away! Totally with you on not counting chickens too. Please. OH PLEASE don’t let me know anyone who will do this some day, and I’m so sorry, especially with all things considered, you didn’t receive a phone call instead.

  2. ebc Says: tell this woman to get online and read of all the horribleness that can still happen (not hoping that, but come on, a little reality check would have culled this). that is absolutely ridiculous! just put in facebook next time like everyone else. i’m so sorry you even have an opportunity to post something this absurd.

    • Marcie Says:

      And if, God forbid, something bad does happen, will you get a note and picture of that too? During my journey I had only one pg and it ended in miscarriage (9 wks). I had only told my family that I was pg and it was difficult enough to tell them of the miscarriage. I can’t imagine having to tell everyone including my mom’s friends. Even worse, having people ask me questions about my pg after the lose! Yikes!

  3. Gwen Says:

    That is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve heard in a while. I suppose that’s to prepare you for the 4 baby shower invitations that will come in a month?

  4. Kate B Says:

    I’m in the don’t count your chickens camp. Besides that – how tacky can you get. Seriously – including sonogram pictures? Really.

  5. Elena Says:

    I’ve been thinking for a long time that something really strange happens to the hormones of soon-to-be GRANDmothers as well as the pregnant women. This is the final proof.
    It’s only that strange things happen to my hormones every month and i’ve had life-long training NOT to pester everybody around me because of that!!!

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