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Whiny Wednesday June 1, 2011

I just had the period from hell.

I had a week of PMS – bloated like the Hindenburg, cranky like a tiger with a sore paw, coupled with the dull ache of expectation that comes along with it. All this followed by three days, count ‘em, THREE days of cramps, and not just the niggling type, but the “I can’t get off the couch” type. And for what? Nothing!!! My body is going through its happy little reproductive cycle for absolutely nothing!!

Oh, I know that menopause will hit me soon enough and bring its own little joys, but right now, a menstrual cycle that I have absolutely no use for just feels like a slap in the face.

In our house, it’s been Whiny Wednesday all week, but today is the official day to say what’s on your mind, so go for it. Whine away, ladies.


11 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. Sue Says:

    I’m in need a good whine (or wine if you will). What is with all of the FB graduation postings? OK, I KNOW it is time for teens to graduate high school. That I get. I just don’t know when kids graduating preschool, kindergarten, and 5th grade and middle school deserved graduation caps, gowns, and parties. Maybe I’m just feeling bitter today but seriously, do parents really need to brag that they are so proud that Timmy “graduated” from kindergarten?

    • Sue Says:

      Yes, I am just in a bitter mood today. I’ve just felt inundated with child milestones lately and to me they all say “I have a child and you don’t :P”

      I would like to announce here though that my dog has graduated from adult food to senior food – haha 🙂

      • Tara Says:

        HaHaHa Can you imagine if we expected people to listen to all the milestones in our pets lives??? I will celebrate with you!!!! lol

      • Tara Says:

        Cheers to all the Doggy milestones!!

      • C Says:

        Maybe I’m just bitter too, or maybe I just don’t “get it” but I have a friend who was talking about how distraught she’d be if she missed her daughter’s kindergarten graduation. Huh? Kindergarten graduation? WTF is that? There’s a ceremony now for deeming children socially able to control themselves for a few hours, and therefore able to attend school?

      • lmanterfield Says:

        Oh Sue, I love it! Please send me an announcement card so I can post it on my fridge door next to my cat’s 8th birthday picture. 🙂

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Imagine, if you will, having your &%$#@ period every month when you have consciously decided you NEVER want to use your reproductive organs. (“Doctor, can’t you remove this apparatus and give it to someone who needs it? Someone who might have SOME use for it? And then SHE can have the periods? – – – No? . . . . You’re sure? – – – – Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask.”)

  3. Kathryn Says:

    I totally get you on the uselessness of periods.

    I have a weird thing with my periods where in the middle of the month i have cramps that are more like Braxton-Hicks contractions – for 10 DAYS before my period. Really, really painful. The docs have never been able to do anything for me and nothing but Diludid would touch the pain. (I have discovered on my own that eating gluten free will reduce the pain considerably).

    How useless is it to go thru 30 years of contractions and multiple ultrasounds with never a baby as a result? ARRRRGGGG.

  4. Kate B Says:

    Yeah – that’s the kind of thing that just makes me want to say “Can’t you just take it out? It’s been of no use whatsover, I want to be rid of it.” Imagine never having to worry if you can wear white pants again!

  5. IrisD Says:

    This last month I tried to will my period not to come… I did all sort of mental exercises… thinking I could will my mind to trick my body into thinking I was pregnant… (you know at least a mental pregnancy the kind you read about in old psyche books where people show all symptoms)… I thought to myself, I won’t even buy a pregnancy test, I’ll just wait till it is obvious before “wasting” my time with that…. Alas, my period came anyways… like clockwork, like it usually comes.

  6. lmanterfield Says:

    I am loving that you all manage to keep a sense of humor through this, albeit bristly humor, but humor nonetheless. Thanks for whining along with me.

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