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Whiny Weekend May 7, 2011

Tomorrow, May 8, is VE Day in Europe. It’s the birthday of David Attenborough (who I want to be when I grow up), Enrique Iglesias, and Gary Glitter (who I used to love until he went to jail for child pornography.) May 8 marks the deaths of the French painter Paul Gauguin and novelist Gustave Flaubert. It’s also the Feast Day of Catherine de Saint-Augustin.

Oh yes…and for many of us, it’s Mother’s Day.

I think I’ve said just about all that can be said about this awkward day, so instead of hashing out my feelings again, I’m just going to declare today and tomorrow Whiny Weekend. Drop by, say what you need to say, get it off your chest if it’s on your chest, and feel free to let it all hang out here.

I’ve also created a Mother’s Day Safe Haven on the main Life Without Baby site. It’s password protected (just sign up) and the place to go if you don’t want to post a comment here on the blog.

There’s also a chat function, so feel free to go there and support one another. I plan to drop in, so come by and say hi.

Otherwise, hang in there, ladies. It’s just one day, which leaves 364 others for us.


6 Responses to “Whiny Weekend”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you, Lisa! Here’s to you and all the other creative, caring, wonderful women keeping company here. And men too! 🙂

  2. Unique Says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Today is a national Saturday for Childless in my home country Finland. And yes, we’ll have tomorrow Mother’s Day. Mostly I’m in good terms with my childlessness – after almost 20 years it would be quite depressing not to be. Still, I like to read blogs and other writings for occasional need of support.

    I was so pleased to find your blog and FB-page, since we have a pretty similar situation in life: I’m childfree 44 years old, married with 20 years older husband with grown child and grand-children.

    Something to whine about: It feels, that every infertile woman and man must meet the same stupid comments from thoughtless (or inconsiderate – I’m not sure of the word) people. I have followed childless women’s experiences since 1990’s and even there has been loads of information about infertility, there’s still too many who seems to understand nothing about it.

    Thank you for this blog. Let’s have a good day tomorrow!

    • lmanterfield Says:

      So glad you found us here. We just had National Infertility Awareness Week here in the U.S., however I do like the idea of having a day of awareness right before Mother’s Day. Part of what I’m hoping to do here is to increase that level of understanding and finally move us out of the ’90s!

      Hope you had a pleasant day.

  3. Mina Says:

    Wow, the Finnish are so cool. Saturday for the Childless!!! Can we have the EU start this in all countries in Europe :-)?

  4. Carolyne Says:

    I get double whiny weekend- my birthday is may the tenth, which puts it in the line of fire of mothers day and I have a tendency to save birthdays for the weekend. My husband’s mother is a demanding bossy women who insists on family dinners (no spouses) on mother’s day. Activities include harrassing my husband about not making any granbabies with his young wife, and that he should want to, and why don’t he and I want children, is she frigid, etc. We are saving the bomb of the vascectomy for an occasion where she is a magnificient pain in the ass. My own mother, thankfully, couldn’t give a toss as our family has never celebrated mothers day. Nor about our childfree status.

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