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Mother’s Day: Part I April 8, 2011

Self-Portairt: Mum and Me Climbing Mountains

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK, where my mum is. I sent her a card and on Sunday I called and wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. We chatted about the weather and her garden, and she caught me up on the news. It was a lovely Mother’s Day—for both of us. I quietly, privately, without ceremony, celebrated my own lovely mother.

Next month will see Mother’s Day here in the U.S. On that day I’ll probably stay in bed.

Thanks to the Hallmark influence, people will be going nuts for every mother, not just their own. Restaurants and stores will be celebrating motherhood and those of us who aren’t mothers will be reminded again of what we’re missing.

When I celebrate Christmas, I try to remain aware that others may come from different religious backgrounds, and I choose carefully when to say “Merry Christmas” and when to opt for the safer “Happy Holidays.” I celebrate Christmas in my way, but I don’t force my celebration on others. I’m not suggesting that “Happy Mother’s Day” be replaced with “Happy Everyone’s Day,” but I do wish that Mother’s Day would return to its origins, of children celebrating the mothers they love, in their own private way.


4 Responses to “Mother’s Day: Part I”

  1. Mali Says:

    Hear, hear. I wrote about this last week.

    And what a great photo of you and your mother.

  2. loribeth Says:

    Oh yes, the cards & displays are already popping out all over the place. Wake me up when it’s over. :p

  3. Sue Says:

    Mother’s Day has really become an in your face holiday. Last year, the clerk and bag boy and my local grocery store wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I looked around to see if I unknowlingly had any little ones following behind me…nope. So why would they just assume EVERY woman was a mother? I just don’t think it’s a holiday that should be used as a general greeting like “Happy Holidays.” I would also like to add that all of the hype and advertising about Mother’s Day puts me in such a personal funk I find it hard to celebrate my own mother in the manner she deserves to be celebrated.

  4. […] that would be to get up on Sunday morning and just go about my day. As you may recall from a previous post. my own mother is in a county that celebrates Mother’s Day in March, and my husband’s mother is […]

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