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Guest Post: Terry Gross March 26, 2011

Credit: Will Ryan

Guest Post written by Laura Nye

Recently I was excited to learn that my favorite radio show host, Terry Gross, is childfree.  She hosts the NPR interview show “Fresh Air”.  A couple of months ago, she interviewed Stephanie Coontz who wrote a book about Betty Friedan’s book “A Feminine Mystique”.  Toward the end of the interview Ms. Coontz says the Feminine Mystique has been replaced by the “Perfect Mother Mystique”.  Terry comments that many women who came of age during the first women’s movement rejected the idea of being a perfect homemaker and decided not to have children.

This made me wonder if Terry was one of us.

I looked her up on wikipedia and found that she is childfree by choice.   At the beginning of an interview with actor and author B.D. Wong, she says she and many of her friends have decided not to have children.  During an interview with John Waters, she asks if he worries about who will take care of him when he’s old because many people without children worry about this.  He advises to have young friends!


Thanks, Laura, for a great post! ~Lisa


4 Responses to “Guest Post: Terry Gross”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I love Terry Gross, and I’m pretty sure she’s interviewed everyone who’s ever been mentioned in the newspaper. I didn’t know this particular detail about her.

  2. This is so cool! Thank you again for introducing/re-introducing me to all the wonderful people who are still amazing women despite not being mothers.

  3. Iris D Says:

    Terry Gross is also my favorite radio show host.

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