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Love February 14, 2011

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Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope that love is in the air for you today.

By way of celebration, I thought I’d share a list of some of the things I love.

I love:

1.     Jose

2.     Felicity, my cat

3.     My mum

4.     My brothers and their families

5.     My amazing friends

6.     My garden

7.     Fresh picked vegetables

8.     The first spring bulbs

9.     Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate

10.  Cask Ale

11.  Small knitted things

12.  Clean sheets

13.  Chicken Tikka Masala

14.  Storybook Mountain Zinfandel

15.  Lavender

16.  Walks in the countryside

17.  Thunderstorms

18.  The Atlantic Ocean

19.  Laughter

20.  Fast internet service

21.  “Hello”

22.  Leonardo diCaprio

23.  Salty French Fries

24.  A good book

25.  Furry slippers

Please share some of your.


6 Responses to “Love”

  1. Illanare Says:

    I love your list 🙂 Also I love:
    my darling little cat
    my parents
    my laptop
    brushed cotton pjs warm from the radiator
    strawberry cheesecake ice-cream
    prawn korma and naan bread
    Jaffa cakes
    “The Big Bang Theory”
    chocolate in all its guises
    the ALI and CNBC communities

  2. loribeth Says:

    Building on your lists, I will add (& I know I’m leaving off 20 gazillion important things 😉 ):

    our two nephews
    the rest of our families
    books & bookstores
    Starbucks Awake tea lattes
    long lunches & good conversation with a girlfriend
    old photos, & scrapbooking them
    connecting to so many great people via the Internet
    going to the movies (at the theatre on a big screen)
    a bucket of hot, freshly popped popcorn
    “The Big Bang Theory” (ditto)
    George Clooney
    finding a new branch on my family tree
    chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate : ) (especially Godiva & Lindt)
    the ocean (Atlantic or Pacific, they’re both great, lol)
    Cannon Beach, Oregon
    Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia
    Lake Louise, Alberta

  3. Mali Says:

    These are great lists, and I love a lot of the things on them (chocolate, The Big Bang Theory, George Clooney, clean sheets, fast internet, laptop, my DH, etc etc). I’d add:

    My iPad and Kobo
    Thai food (and Thailand
    Writing and reading blogs
    My creaky house
    Travel (pretty much anywhere)
    Working from home
    My lamb tagine

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