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Sonja Lewis Puts Childlessness into Perspective January 22, 2011

Photo: © Hadyniak

Sonja Lewis, who regular comments on this blog, has written a very insightful article about the stigma of childlessness and why it’s still such a taboo subject.

In the article she says:

“While today’s childless woman might not be singled out as readily as she would have been a generation ago, she’s still under pressure.”

Indeed she is! And Sonja goes on to cite five reasons she believes childlessness is still so misunderstood: it’s personal, unconventional, difficult, isolating, and anti-social.

Sonja has also used her research and her own personal experience to write an upcoming novel The Barrenness. It’s out this spring and I’ll be keeping an eye open for it.

If you’d like to read the full article, you can log in to Sonja’s website and download it here.


One Response to “Sonja Lewis Puts Childlessness into Perspective”

  1. Sonja Lewis Says:

    Pressure as recent as today while at a formal event, someone asked my us: have you had children yet? Didn’t know whether to be flattered–did we really look that young–or to be insulted. But saved by the bell, the event was called to order. Good grief!

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