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Whiny Wednesday January 19, 2011

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Today I’ve had it with Amazon, because even though I know they have my book in stock, it still shows “Temporarily Out of Stock” on their site. I’m assured that this is just a matter of the system catching up to itself, and that people can still order the book, but I’m really annoyed. I keep telling people my book is available, only to have Amazon pretend that it isn’t! Wah!!!

It’s Whiny Wednesday, ladies, and just in the nick of time. Time to let it all hang out and whine away.


10 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. Robin D. Says:

    That’s worth whining about, Lisa!

    I’m going to whine a little too. I mentioned some volunteer work I’ve been doing in exchange for horse training to a teacher friend. She told one of her school officials about it and has the person excited about the possibility of me and my trainer visiting her school! The therapy horse belongs to my trainer and I just help her out. I can’t jeopardize my relationship with my trainer or my friend! I don’t even have a job right now! I don’t need this kind of stress!

  2. Kathleen Guthrie Says:

    Client owes me money for work done in May of 2010. In November, she sent me a check dated January 15, 2011. Because she has lied to me for months, I called her bank to make sure it was okay before depositing. Nope. Insufficient funds. I told the client, she told me to make the deposit. I’ve called the bank every morning since, with the same response. Client tells me yesterday she has “special terms” with the business account manager. I ask the person at the bank about it this morning, who says they’ve “never heard of anything like this.”

    99.9% of my clients are good honest people. But it’s this one who takes up so much of my time and energy with pure B.S. And I put in extra work to do a really great job for her! So ready for this drama to be over!!!!

  3. Lucy Says:

    dear Lisa,
    I am looking forward to reading your book!
    I will just wait for Amazon.
    lots of love from Europe,

  4. Sue Says:

    Lisa, that is definitely a Wednesday worthy whine!! Booooo Amazon!

  5. Julie Says:

    I’m going to whine about Amazon too! I ordered your book the other day, but am waiting for it to be “available” again so it will ship to me. I can’t wait to read it!

    • lmanterfield Says:

      Ack!! See!!! This is my point. I sent them another shipment this week, but would you do me a favor and let me know when they tell you it’s available. This is really putting a hitch in my git-along. :-s

  6. Elena Says:

    awwww…. Amazon still says “temporarily out of stock”. 😦
    I really want to read your book! I don’t have a Kindle or any of those kinds of devices. And i don’t want to get one. Just an old-school book :-). I hope you can work things out with Amazon!!

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