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Thanksgiving Safe Zone November 25, 2010

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Your cousin announces that baby number 8 is on the way. Your Great Aunt Tillie asks when you are going to have kids. Your mother gives you a pointed look when she mentions how lucky her friend Gladys is to have so many grandchildren.

Wanna get away?

In lieu of yesterday’s Whiny Wednesday, I’m offering the Thanksgiving Safe Zone today. If it all gets too much, just come on over and let it all out here.

Someone will be around to hear you, I promise.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Safe Zone”

  1. happynenes Says:

    I worked and one of my patients (a very sweet girl) unexpectedly had a very sick baby who died in her arms on my shift. My other patient – and I can think of only one other patient I’d say this about in my whole nursing career – was a total stinker who clearly did not want to care for her beautiful, perfect baby boy. I hope someday I’ll understand why there is no justice in the universe, but today I’m just angry.

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