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Mom Clothes? No Thanks! October 8, 2010

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I just received a new clothing catalog in the mail from a company I’ve never heard of before. (How do I get on these lists?) Thumbing through, I realized that every other model was posing in a scene of family bliss—staggeringly good looking husband and adorable cherub-like child, faithful family dog and adorable cherub-like child, or idyllic home and (you guessed it) adorable cherub-like child. AND the models were all tiny skinny things who didn’t look old enough to have a brood of cherub-like kids. It was like playing Where’s Waldo? looking for myself in there.

The good news in all this is that I hated the clothes. There wasn’t one thing I even remotely liked in the catalog. They were mom clothes and as I am not a mom I don’t feel the need to wear gaudy print smocks and modest necked sweaters. Another perk of being a non-mom.

Now to get myself off this mailing list.


2 Responses to “Mom Clothes? No Thanks!”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Yet another marketing opp for a smart retailer. The campaign can be: No need to look like a mom when you’re not!

    p.s. Sounds like you’ve more than had your hands full. Crazy chaos? I think we’re in the same boat.

  2. lmanterfield Says:

    Ha! Don’t put ideas into people’s heads, Pamela!

    Crazy, yes, but fun. 🙂

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