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Thank Goodness I Don’t Have Kids October 7, 2010

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Right now, my life feels like a hot mess (this is the reason I wrote this post for Tuesday and then forgot to hit the button to actually post it, so am posting it today instead!) It’s nothing serious, thank goodness, but everything around me is in chaos. Work is crazy busy, with fires flaring up faster than I can put them out, and new projects starting while deadlines for other keep getting pushed. My school stint has started up again, my house looks as if a tornado swept through, my garden is in its death throes due to lack of care, my husband, when he’s not traveling,  is feeling neglected, and my mum is here for her annual 6-week visit. Oh and my cat won’t come out from under the bed as long as my husband is in the room. Like I say, nothing serious, but I’m finding myself waking up in the night with my task list racing through my head and spending my days careening from job to job with my hair on fire. And one thought keeps popping into my head: Thank goodness I don’t have kids.

Oh sure, if I had kids, I’d probably work less, take on less, let more slide by the wayside, but the truth is, I don’t want that. I love my work, all my crazy jobs. I love being my own boss and calling my own shots. I love pulling an all-nighter (all-nighter meaning working until 10 pm these days, but you know what I mean) and delivering a project on time, knowing I went the extra mile. And I love being able to sit in bed in the early hours, drinking my morning coffee in peace, and tapping out the blog post that I didn’t have time to write the day before.

There’d be so many sacrifices to make if I had kids, and perhaps they’d be worth making, but right now I’m glad I don’t have to.


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