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Childless and Childfree Websites and Blogs September 21, 2010

Pamela over on the Silent Sorority blog is putting together a directory of sites relating to childless and childfree living. I’m going to be checking these out over the coming weeks and sharing some of the posts with you here.

If you have a favorite blog or website (other than this one, of course!) relating to living childless or childfree, please share it below, so we can all take a look.


9 Responses to “Childless and Childfree Websites and Blogs”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    There are others? LOL

    I’ve been following Pamela for a while. Don’t know of any others. Most/many of the folks i follow are still pursuing the hope of having children. I’m pursuing trying to accept that we will not. Not making much headway with this.

  2. Jake Says:

    How about some shamless self promotion? My wife and I write a childfree blog.

  3. Jodi Says:

    I know lots of people are on Facebook, and there is a great group on there called Childless Support. It is only for people who are childless NOT by choice, but it’s very supportive!

  4. lyndarenham Says:

    Thanks Jodi for mentioning our group on facebook.

    I am the creator of the facebook page which is growing by the day and we have many discussions. I have written many articles on the subject. One of which was published online in the scavenger magazine and which Pamela contacted me about. All childless women are welcome to join, they just need to be on facebook, I also support through my web page and they are links on there too.
    All the best

  5. There’s my blog and my first childfree blog was Firecracker Mandy’s

    There is TONS out there. Of course you can never have enough of them 🙂 but there are funny ones, journalistic ones, informative ones, etc. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for pulling this list together, what a great resource it’ll be! I’m going to join Jake on the shameless self-promo bandwagon and pimp my own blog, which I just started in December – My husband and I are still technically undecided about whether we want to saddle ourselves with a Cheerio-encrusted ankle-biter, but you can probably read between the lines about which direction we’re slanting in.

  7. BFWM Says:

    Great resource for Childless and Childfree Websites and Blogs. Here’s another one to share

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