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Whiny Wednesday: Open Letter to Spammers September 15, 2010

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Dear Spammers,

While I appreciate your need to drive business to your websites via mine, I strongly suggest you take a closer look at your keywords, or whatever nifty little high tech devices you use to identify prospective targets. Just because you often find words like INFERTILITY, BABY, and PREGNANCY among these blog posts and associated comments, you may also note that the name of this site is “Life WITHOUT Baby.” This ought to imply that neither I, nor any of my beloved readers, are interested in your egg donor agency, your express adoption plan, your foolproof tips for getting pregnant, or any of your other sordid little get-rich-quick schemes. Please bugger off and bother someone else.

With warmest regards,


P.S. Google ads, this applies to you, too.

It’s Whiny Wednesday, Ladies. If you have anything to gripe about, now’s the time.


4 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday: Open Letter to Spammers”

  1. Aja Says:

    Just got back from a trip to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. Her best friend is a “volunteer doula” and wore a shirt about it on one of the days we were together. I cried when she asked how I spent my 40th birthday. I can’t stand it!!! The reminders of being childless are everwhere!!!!

  2. Kathleen Guthrie Says:

    Churches, community centers, neighborhood organizations put together “Family Picnics,” “family this,” and “family that.” And they wonder why single and childless people don’t attend.

  3. happynenes Says:

    Oh God, just got in a fight with my beloved hubby about… wait for it… the robotic cat box.

  4. eSophie Says:

    Enjoyed your post. I feel the same. LOL~! Actually, I blogged about the same thing today… came across a “spammy” blog on WordPress and reported it. Wondering if it was the right thing to do…. What do spam blogs really look like?

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