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Guest Blog: Advice September 12, 2010

This morning, a close friend sent me Kyran Pittman’s blog posting “Advice for a Teenage Daughter I Will Never Have.” It got me thinking.

I used to fantasize about how I’d raise my children to be good humans. Along with my DNA, I’d share with them my passion for reading and love of team sports. I’d encourage them to invest a portion of each check from their summer life-guarding and part-time retail jobs, so that after college they’d already have a nest egg that would allow them to pursue careers in the arts, backpack through Asia, get into the housing market, or at least not starve while toiling away as a junior executive’s junior assistant.

I’m a font of wisdom earned from 44 years of life experience. Now, it seems, because I’m not a mother, no one is interested in hearing from me. Do you feel that way? If you had children, what advice would you give them? And since you don’t, what advice are you now taking to heart for yourself?

Kathleen Guthrie is a Northern California–based freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in AAA’s Westways, GRIT, Real Simple, and 805 Living magazines. Read “How to Be the World’s Best Aunt Ever” on


8 Responses to “Guest Blog: Advice”

  1. Christine Says:

    Advice for a Teenage Daughter I Will Never Have…
    Masturbate a lot
    Don’t save yourself for marriage
    Eat a burger on the first date
    Only have sex if he is STD free and you have both been tested…I know this one is a little hard to do but you will thank me in 20 years
    ALWAYS use a condom
    Don’t fake an orgasm
    If he does not let you have an orgasm first…dump him
    Be in control of your sex life
    If your best friend gets with your man don’t speak to her again and introduce him to the curb! You are worth way more and she knows it
    Get your Masters Degree
    Be a leader
    Give back to your community even if it is just $20 a month
    Get your Roth IRA started ASAP
    Get your nails done
    Get your Will and other documents done once you turn 18
    Marry the person who makes you number 1 and who you can’t live without
    Have a long courtship and a short engagement
    Plan for the marriage and not the wedding
    Only get married if you both agree on children, money, your careers and where you want to live
    Plus, talk about how much debt you are both in before the engagement
    Be a foreword thinker
    Be the boss
    Give compliments
    Be grateful
    Be happy
    Think before you speak
    Take an etiquette class
    Stay out of the sun
    Go to the prom
    Remember you are in charge of your life…so if you don’t like it…you ALWAYS have the power to change it!
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    As women without children, sometimes I think others don’t always put credence in what we have to offer in regard to advice to children. I appreciated you sharing Kyran’s advice. It inspired me.

  3. celeste Says:

    I think “Aunties” can often times be overlooked for their great insight into child-rearing. I kids have an Aunt that has a Doctorate in psychology & to watch her interact with them teaches me different ways to speak or play w/ my kids that I would not get from other tired Moms that I’m surrounded by. Knowing you, Kathleen, I can’t really imagine that anyone of your friends w/ kids would not want your insight. Because you are childless does not mean you’ve got ZERO parenting skills. If you had children, you’d still be the wonderful person that you are today. Just busier & more tired.

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  5. Kyran Says:

    I LOVE this idea. How many of us have hard-won advice we can’t pass to our immediate descendants? Thanks for the shout out, and for taking the ball and SPRINTING with it!

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