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Pamela Tsigdinos’ Great Interview About Moving Beyond Infertilty August 26, 2010

Life Without Baby member, Pamela Tsigdinos talks about overcoming infertility and making the decision to remain childless. It’s so great to hear her talking about the emotions, the stigma, and about “coming out of the closet” as an infertile woman. Wonderful. Also interesting to hear a discussion about choosing to get off the baby crazy train on a site dedicated to “IVF and third party family building.”

You can hear the podcast of her interview on the link below:

The Impact of RESOLVE with Executive Director, Barbara Collura, and Pamela Tsigdinos, Author of Silent Sorority, a Winner of Resolve’s Hope Award.

You can also check out Pamela’s website: Silent Sorority


3 Responses to “Pamela Tsigdinos’ Great Interview About Moving Beyond Infertilty”

  1. happynenes Says:

    Yay! Thanks for speaking up for us, Pamela. That was a great interview.

  2. Oh wow – this post meant more than you know. I listened to the interview and purchased Silent Sorority on my Kindle at 2 in the morning! It stirred up some serious emotions for me to read basically my emotional journey written with honesty and class. Page after page the incredible range of emotions I’ve felt, situations I’ve been in and no baby at the end to show for it. It was so well written I may even recommend to my mom. She wants to be supportive but tends to be incredibly insensitive instead. I think Pamela might be a perfect way for me to express myself without actually having to do it myself. Thanks again for sharing Pamela’s work!

  3. lmanterfield Says:

    I’m about halfway through Pam’s book and I second that. It’s beautifully written–and funny, too!

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