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Poll: How Do You Get Your Kid Fix? August 13, 2010

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Some of us don’t need a kid fix (after my vacation, I’m going to be good for a while, let me tell you), but sometimes we need to spend time with young people. Do you? If so, how do you get your kid fix.


3 Responses to “Poll: How Do You Get Your Kid Fix?”

  1. CactusHeart Says:

    It’s easy to cope when you don’t HAVE a “kid fix” TO satisfy…
    I DON’T HATE children, I just don’t enjoy their company. I just lack the gene that enables me to like being around them *lol*. I never know what to say to (or around them). Or know what to do. Even my mother said “you never liked kids when YOU were a kid” *lol*. Not ALL kids, though. Mainly the just the brats *lol*. And it’s strange, the older they get, the better I get along with them. I used to think my little cousin was a pain in the butt!
    Now that he’s in his teens, we’re actually getting along and bonding over actual conversations! *lol*

    If by “kid fix” you’re referring to the need to care and nurture, I express that through animals, gardening, volunteering and otherwise being a kickass friend to others >;.)

  2. Kel Says:

    The universe seems to throw me a kid from time to time, the last was a 5 yr old boy, my neighbor. Occasionally a troubled teen – I have a fondness for the wayward, LOL.

    I like kids, I just don’t want to own them full time 🙂

  3. erica Says:

    i just found this page by googling ‘how to get your kid fix’. haha! i cannot have children, am 41, and just discussed the possibility of adoption last night with my husband. his feeling is it’s not a good idea for us right now, for various reasons. and ultimately he’s probably right. i didn’t realize i had quite so much of a need until i verbalized it (and proceeded to cry my eyes out afterward).

    my problem is i’ve always felt kind of funny about being forward with other people’s babies and kids. there is part of me that thinks: ‘they arn’t MINE’ – like somehow it is not my right or priveledge to help with them or just be. like i’d have to be invited to do so. and then there are some parents who for various reasons don’t want their babies held by others (germophobes). i have let moms know i am willing to babysit from time to time, but no one ever takes me up on the offer. have thought about having a kids’ slumber party – i’m sure i’d be ‘fixed’ for some time after that! i’m the opposite of the commenter above – i tend to be fine with little ones, and don’t know what to say when they turn into teenagers!

    i’ve recently thought about making little gift cards for some moms – like, “Worth 5 hours of babysitting” or something to that effect – would that be weird?!

    thanks for the vent session =)

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