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16 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a CNBC August 6, 2010

I’ve been cruising around the Internet looking for interesting sites to share on this blog. There are plenty of good ones out there, but I’m finding myself drawn to blogs that have humor, with just a tinge of bitterness thrown in.

La Belette Rouge has just such a blog and I found myself laughing at this post: 16 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a CNBC (childless not by choice.) Granted my laugh was the type you blow down your nose with your lips pursed, rather than an all-out belly laugh, but sometimes a laugh is a laugh is a laugh.


10 Responses to “16 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a CNBC”

  1. Happy to have brought a laugh or two, no matter the type!;-)
    Thanks for sharing my piece with your readers!!!

  2. p.s. I added you to my blog roll. I would LOVE to be on yours.xo

  3. Hi Lisa,
    LaBeletteRouge is a dear, dear friend of mine and also contributed to The Forgotten Patient! Coincidence?? I think not.

    She’s hilarious and on point. So glad you shared this brilliant post!

  4. Julie Says:

    I love that post; I’ve gone back and read it several times since she first posted it.

    And like you, I love humor with a bit of bitterness thrown in.

  5. Aja Gold Says:

    My mom actually said “You’re not trying hard enough” and “put your legs up the wall”. That was before the IUI’s and IVF treatments. I had another friend, who is adopted, tell me to “just adopt”. I think some people mean well. But just really don’t get it.

    • lmanterfield Says:

      Aja, I get my panties in a bunch when people are insensitive, but once my blood pressure goes back down I realize that the majority of people have no intention on being hurtful. We bring our own personal filters to the world. For example, my dad died of a heart attack and I would get so upset if someone said something like, “I about had a heart attack” when something scared them. They meant no disrespect, but their turn of phrase meant something more to me. I’m trying to look at people without my personal filter turned on. It’s hard though.

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  7. happynenes Says:

    I love it. Great article!

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