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A Very Bon Voyage August 3, 2010

I’m getting ready to go on vacation. (Hurray!) I have plane tickets and hotel reservations.  And that’s about it. The night before we leave, we’ll throw what we think we need into a suitcase, add half a dozen books, and go. The details of our trip, i.e. how we’re going to get around between our various destinations, where we’ll eat, what we’ll do, will all unfold in good time. Right now, I’m too tired to fuss with those kinds of details. If there’s something important we’ve forgotten to pack, we’ll buy it when we get there (the reason I own a large collection of phone chargers and power adaptors.) Passport, credit card, phone–all we really need.

It’s this kind of loosey-goosey traveling that make me appreciate not having children.


3 Responses to “A Very Bon Voyage”

  1. Very true, Lisa! Enjoy!

  2. happynenes Says:

    Hurray! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Pamela Says:

    I hear you, Lisa! I’m spending this week kicking back and having the occasional Mai Tai or nap in the afternoon — guilt-free living in every way. p.s. let’s find time to get together in Sonoma!.

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