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Hello, My Name is…. July 2, 2010

I always try to make the posts on this blog relevant to the main topic of life without baby, but some days I’m just blank. Wednesday was one of those blank days, so I wrote about natural treatments for insect bites instead. I thought twice about even posting such a random thing, but guess what? It was the most popular post of the week!! At first I was dismayed, but after some thought I realized something important: we don’t always want to talk about not having children.

For those of us who are childless-not-by-choice, the constant conversation can wear on us, but for all of us, being childless is not what defines us. Imagine walking into a party, striding up to a stranger and saying. “Hi, my name is [your name] and I don’t have children.” Although some might see it as a great pick-up line, most people would say something like, “oh, that’s nice,” and excuse themselves as quickly as possible, because if that’s all someone has to say about themselves, odds are they’re not going to very interesting.

Not having children is not all we are, so I thought it might be fun to introduce ourselves, with some interesting tidbits–break the ice, so to speak. I’ll start and you can jump in with your own personal trivia. I’ll also open up a Discussion thread on the forums in case you don’t feel like introducing yourself out in public. So here goes:

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a writer, runner, and gardener. I can recite the alphabet backwards and was once my county orienteering champion, which means I’m a handy with a map and compass. I love to experiment with cooking, especially spicy ethnic food, such as Indian, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian. I love to travel, and my favorite U.S. cities are New York, New Orleans, and Seattle. The most amazing things I’ve ever seen are Machu Picchu at sunrise, the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and a herd of elephants walking 20 feet from my car in South Africa. I love to dance, but am not good at it, and I’m learning to play the bagpipes–and I’m really not good at that. I love my cat, I couldn’t have mail ordered a better mother than the one I have, and my husband can make me laugh until I snort. If I could have any food from anywhere in the world right now, I’d have a freshly baked New York bagel—everything with cream cheese and lox. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I’d be hiking down from a mountain in the English Lake District, just about to take off my hiking boots and dip my feet in a cool stream. I don’t own a TV, a microwave, or a dishwasher. And yes, I have no children either.


4 Responses to “Hello, My Name is….”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Kathryn. Glad to meet you. 🙂

    I’m a writer, crafter (sometimes artist), & love to sing. I used to do speeches in HS, but now am confirmed introvert & prefer taking people in small groups or singly rather than big crowds. I’m a “homebody” but get to live in one of the beautiful spots of the world – Big Bear, CA – why would i go elsewhere? I’m a child of God, but currently unattached to a specific church thru some very weird politics in a specific church. I’m a massage therapist & love the challenge of helping people to feel better. If i were to go back to school, it would probably be to get the degree/license of a physical therapist so that i would have more tools to use. I’m disabled, however, & only work about 4-5 hours a week. I’m very anti-conventional medicine (as i see that as the main cause of the disability i fight). I’m very pro-“traditional” foods & organics rather than what people have come to believe to be a “normal diet.” I love my 2 cats. I enjoy the squirrels that come to eat what i put out for them. (Five are fighting on our deck right now.) My family of origin was not very healthy or supportive & it seems i’ve spent a lot of time “getting over” that. I have 2 sisters & 4 nieces, 2 nephews. I’m married to the best guy in the world & i love every minute of our time together. We’ve not been blessed with children, & by now there is virtually no chance that will happen.

  2. Julie Says:

    I’m Julie. I’ve been a high school math teacher for 11 years, and I love (almost) every minute of it. Well, since the first two years anyway; those were rough. I am a proud bookworm, and my favorite gifts to get have always been either books or gift cards to buy books. When I was younger, on Christmas day, I almost always got at least one book. As soon as all the presents were opened, I would start reading one of them. I have an older brother, and a younger sister, who is my best friend in the entire world. It sucks that she lives so far away though. I love to cook, and am slowly branching out to try new things. I was raised in a very meat (usually fried) and potatoes kind of way, so anything other than that is exotic. 🙂 I recently made mousse (one chocolate and one strawberry) for the first time, and am quite proud of it. My husband and I are attempting a vegetable garden for the second year, and so far things are going well. Every year we have learned something to do differently the next year, for example I had no idea how VERY important thinning is! My husband and I have a goal to take a great trip every summer (since I am a teacher and have the time off). Our first trip this year was to Phoenix to visit my sister and her husband. It was awesome! Next year will either be what we call Project: Dysentery (Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Carhenge, etc) or Cedar Point and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Project: Dysentery will be with my sister and her husband, so it will either be 2011 or 2012, depending on their funds. I love cuddling with my two cats, and they are enjoying quiet time in my girl cave (my space with the cozy chair for reading, all my books, and my sewing machine). Oh yeah, I sew sometimes too. I’m still trying to master that. My husband bought me a dress form for Christmas so that I can try my hand at designing my own clothes. Maybe that should be my next project! And I love to plan and host parties. I love to plan the menu so that things are balanced, and it annoys me greatly when someone decides to bring something (even after repeatedly telling them they don’t need to bring anything) that throws off my carefully planned balance. Potluck is the worst (unless it’s well-planned) because you always end up with one side dish and ten desserts.

  3. sewforward Says:

    Hi, I’m Janna (also known on my blog as Sewforward and Kemmish) and I live in Southern California. I am a sewer (sewist/seamstress/tailorer, hence my blog ‘Sewforwrd). I also read a great deal, in fact sometimes I think I may have been ruined by reading – is that possible? I am married to a wonderful man, who still after twelve years of marriage surprised me with acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and love. When I am not in front of my sewing machine, then I am either gardening (my tomoto plants are just now flowering!) or I am drawing, which I may not be very good at but I love to do. I am also a volunteer at our local musuem and I am resposible for designing,planning and building two exhibits a year and I maintain the Textile Collection – vintage and archival clothes – love it! I really enjoy reading this blog (among many).

  4. Jodi Says:

    Hello, my name is Jodi and I’m from PA. I have three indoor cats who are like children to me, and one husband. 🙂 I recently became unemployed due to downsizing, so I have lots of time on my hands that I have no clue what to do with! I enjoy reading, writing, swimming and skiing. I love potato chips and chocolate (not together though!) I’m deathly afraid of worms and will scream like someone just stabbed me when I come across one while gardening. My guilty pleasures are Facebook and celebrity gossip.

    Nice to meet you!

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