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Thanks, But It’s Not For Us June 17, 2010

I’m still here. (See yesterday’s post.) I survived the fertility book and here’s my review:

It looks like a very thorough book that gives good details about all the factors of infertility, the tests needed, and the vast array of up-to-the-minute treatments available. It even offers some commonsense tips to hanging onto one’s sanity during fertility treatments and what options are available when pregnancy is no longer an option.

I think it’s fair to say that this book is not for us. If you know someone setting out on the road to conception, pass along the information, otherwise I strongly recommend keeping that particular door firmly closed.


2 Responses to “Thanks, But It’s Not For Us”

  1. Jennifer Gill Says:

    Hey, thanks for “taking one for the team.” You sound strong – I hope it wasn’t too triggering. I wonder if this is sort of a homeopathic healing remedy…but no, not a small enough dose.

  2. lmanterfield Says:

    I was more annoyed than upset. My reaction was more of the “Thank goodness I’m not going through all that stuff any more,” than the “Oh, look, I didn’t try that. I wonder…” I think this progress. 🙂

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