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Whiny Wednesday March 24, 2010

Why is that people have no problem asking, “So, why don’t you have kids,” or “How come you don’t like children?” or “Don’t you think not having kids is selfish?”

Imagine if mothers were asked the inverse. “So, why do you have kids?” “How come you like children?” or “Don’t you think having kids is selfish?”

It’s Whiny Wednesday. What’s your gripe?


3 Responses to “Whiny Wednesday”

  1. kathleen guthrie Says:

    At my crankiest, I think about pointing out that my brother and his wife have four kids, so they took up our quota.

  2. happynenes Says:

    Someday, some well meaning parent will ask me if I have considered adoption and I will ask them if they considered using a condom.

  3. Cortney Lyon Says:

    For the past hour I’ve been sitting at my computer while my husband sleeps in bed 3 feet away and I am trying to muffle my sobs as I read through this blog and find some comfort and happnees comment above allowed me to chuckle through my tears- thank you.

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